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  1. I updated the bios to the one in my sig, and now I can overclock to 2.6 (290 x 9) using the 150 divider and is stable in p95 for 8+hrs (for each test, small, large and blend), on both cores, and memtest is fine for 6+hrs. I can go up to 292, however, I can't go any higher. With one stick of Samsung ram (512mb) I can reach 2.71. However, with both sticks of my OCZ Plat Ed. ram in dual channel mode, 2.6 is the max I can reach. Currently my vcore is set to 1.425 and mem is set to 2.8. Raising the vcore to 1.55 doesn't let me reach 2.7. And trying different volt settings for the memory doesn't help. I tried from 2.5 - 3.0, but still not stable for anything past my current settings. Any suggestions in reaching a higher clock? Oh and my ram timings are 2.5-3-3-7 operating @ 217.5 Mhz (150mem divider) When I tested ram by itself it can reach higher, but when overclocking with the cpu this is the highest I can reach, well 2mhz higher but to ensure stability I usually operate 1-2mhz lower than highest possible settings. Oh and I have tried to use other mem dividers, but the only ones that work are the 133, and 150. However, with the 133 divider, it tops out at 2.4ghz, if I go any higher it won't post into windows. Using 0.75 (150) is the only way I can reach 2.6. I've also tried fooling around with the HTT multiplier as well, currently it's at 3.
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    VIVO is video in/video out If you need video input and video out then go for the one with VIVO. Are you ever going to connect any vcr or dvd player etc.. to your computer? Are you going to output to a tv?
  3. Thanks a lot again for the replies, I really appreciate it. I am currently using 1.55V for the cpu and the Ram is at 2.8V. I have tried using a lower multiplier for the cpu to see how far I can push the ram. I can reach 229Mhz max, with loosened timings of 2.5-3-3-7. Loosening more all the way to 3-4-4-8 makes no difference. Increasing voltage again makes no difference, I am at a wall at 229Mhz. So I made my way up with the cpu, and I found it to be stable now at 270Mhz FSB using 0.65 divider (0.5 also works, in fact all dividers work up until 270FSB), but anything higher than 270 I am forced to use 0.75, any other dividers don't work. I have tried 2T, but there is no difference using 2T. I have also tried lowering the HTT multiplier. I was originally using 3, then to 2.5 then 2. Still no difference in stability. I did look through the overclocking guides and other posts in dfi-street and other forums for several hours but couldn't find anything to help. I'll look through the database again, and if I still can't find anything, then I'll upgrade the bios very soon. (need to install a disk drive)
  4. Thanks for the input guys, higher voltage didn't seem to work for me, I'll try the bios upgrade. Calvintang I tried using dividers, and i currently am using a divider of 0.75 but it isn't stable and using any other dividers doesn't work.
  5. I've been trying for the past 2 days to overclock my system with the new ram I got. Originally I was using a cheap 512mb (single) stick of Samsung memory. I was able to overclock to 2.71Ghz and ran stable in prime95 and memtest for several hours. And I had no problems when playing games. With the new memory (OCZ 2GB plat ed. OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K) I was not able to go past 215 with 1:1 ratio. Would not boot into windows with anything past that, no matter what I loosened the timings to nor raising the voltage. I tried overclocking to 300FSB (I was able to reach this before with no problems) using mem divider of 0.75 with loosed timings of 2.5-3-3-7 but it would crash when playing games. And is not stable in prime95 for more than 2hrs. If I use any other ratio of the mem divider it won't boot into windows, it won't even go into memtest when I have that enabled in bios. No other mem divider/timing/voltage combination works other than this 0.75 at 2.5-3-3-7. But even this is not stable. It is only stable if I use an FSB of 215(or lower) and keep the ram timings at it's stated 2-3-2-5. Can someone please give me any tips or pointers as to what else I can try to overclock to my old 2.7Ghz and run stable? Currently the ram is in the two yellow slots, tried the two orange slots, but there is no difference.