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  1. i turned off cpu throttling and all power save options already and it still happens. i will go back and double check though, but i don't think i missed anything
  2. i tried that and it didn't fix the problem. i turned off something to do with Marvell in the BIOS and the network card didn't show up in "View Network Connections" anymore. is there something else i need to do to "disable" it to fix my problem?
  3. wow are you serious? how do i disable it? (properly) thanks a lot if this works. i was starting to think i'd have to randomly RMA stuff and reformat.
  4. is there a reason why the left bar is in the red? could that be related to my problem at all?
  5. is there a setting in the BIOS that throttles the CPU down when it's not in use? if i'm running something that is very CPU intensive my comp will stay on. if it's not being used, comp freezes. still have no clue what the problem is. faulty board, faulty ram, faulty cpu, no clue
  6. i'd really prefer to lock down an issue before i go through the hassle of completely re-installing everything. if i did all that and it still happened i'd be pretty pissed.
  7. :confused: weird... i left the PC on with prime95 running and it stayed on all night with no lockups... what could that mean? cpu problem? ram problem?
  8. no i turned off all the power save and hibernation options i could find
  9. what settings are you looking for? can you list the things you need to know so i can figure out what settings to post? (sorry i'm a noob :confused: )
  10. I have NO idea what the problem is. I just built this PC a few weeks ago, and it has had this problem from the beginning. I got all the parts off of newegg. The Problem: Basically, the PC freezes completely after ~30 minutes of the system being idle. I can literally sit and use the computer for hours on end with no problems (the PC has never locked up while I was using it). However, if I leave it on w/out using it for around 30 minutes it will freeze 100% of the time. I have all power save and hibernation options disabled. Any help anyone can provide me with this would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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