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  1. What other or higher ram can i use and still be compatible with my system since the new ram is so cheap?
  2. Keep getting blue screen crashes sometimes and vist always goes to nvidia audio drivers as the fault. What other drivers can i try for my NF4-D mobo?
  3. its only overclocked to 207 dram and i have only 2 sata hd hooked up. the timings are 3-4-4-8
  4. hd are fairly new connectors are locked in and this was a fresh install recently. So if this happens again, i would change the sata cables from 3/4 and use 1/2 again. This should not keep happening every once and awhile? Also while computer is on, i would come back and get this error, so it would shut down for some reason? Is there a new flash or something
  5. I am getting NTLDR frequently and when i do if i change my sata cables from position 1 and 2 to 3 and 4 computer will boot. When it happens again i change them back. Is this a defective mobo since it cant read from the hd sometimes or what?
  6. this friggin board changed which hd to boot from i had to go in and change them, that was the problem. THis mobo does things on its own and never had any probs with any other brands! I think its time to change to asus.
  7. no cd's in drive, been running the same memory overclocked for months now? All of a sudden ntldr error? What exactly is this?
  8. what is ntldr error on boot up? Nothing but problems withis mobo! sometime mobo won't detect hard drive. I'm this close on returning this board for another one or brand. All of a sudden i was downloading stuff came back with black screen computer still on, but could not get anything to come up on screen. When rebooted i get ntldr missing?
  9. I have no floopy drive and would like to update the bios?
  10. The reason i ask is i get blue screens of death sometimes and my onboard lan port do'nt work with a router any more. All because i changed my corsair to ocz and can not overclock as well as my corsair? I'm almost going to return this mobo?
  11. I have the 6.00PG 11/14/05 bios on my mobo, should i upgrade it to 2006 newest one?
  12. Trying to see what other people bios settings are for overclocking?
  13. What is the advantage going to be by installing 64 over a 32 bit? Are u going to notice a big differance.
  14. I only have one lan port . What about the mac stuff in the bios?
  15. My lan port on my mobo was working great with my wireless router, after i changed my ram and had to reset my mobo a few times because of the ram, my internet port does not work with the router now? All my other computers work with the wireless router, i had to add a pci lan card and now i have internet back with the dfi board. Are there special settings in the bios i should turn on for this thing to work again? Its funny cause the port will work when the dsl cable is plugged directly into the port?
  16. I tried the stock settings for this ram and computer would'nt even boot up?
  17. All my other wireless computers work no probs with the router. So right now i have the lan pci working through the router.
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