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  1. I changed my memory ratio to 9/10 and Im able to run 260x10 with htx3...didnt had time to run super pi but I will..265x10 with ratio 5/6 isnt runnin.....same...black screen and restart...without freeze..or with freeze..Msmolt...how u did your fsb haha awsome mate :D really nice
  2. mkay gonna try with lowest ratio like 9/10 ...
  3. so on nf3 I should change my memory ratio to get higher than 275x8...?
  4. I got 1:1..mate who sold me gskills told that mems can run @ 280 1:1 without any problems = he checked them
  5. Im wonder why my o/s dont start when Im tryn to get 275x9 ( I have black screen or raid detector from nvidia)...I changed my cpu voltage to 1.65, chipset is 1.7, my HT is x3..I have memories 1:1 with settings from http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/GSkill/...s/bios1_big.jpg http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/GSkill/...bios2_small.jpg also when I tried to set up everythin from mems on auto settings I had same.. maybe there is some another bug that I dont know I cant belive my mobo cant get more than 275x8 any sugestions?
  6. yap it works..I changed my sata into port nr3 and its ok..now my problem is that I cant run 275x9 260x9 its full stable..275x8 also how to make 275x9 :) haha Im gonna tryn (@tm I have black screen and freeze..or reboot..or again raid/ide detecting from nvidia ) btw anyone know good settings for gskill f4000-usu2 ?? I heard it should be set up properly to get highest Fsb speed
  7. mkay Im gonna try that tomorrow coz today Im aw from home..I will write result of that change
  8. I changed memory ratio to 1/2...changed ht to x3 and changed fsb to 250 with x9 and I have same problem. Looks like windows is loading..but hdd isnt woring..isnt reading..everytime have same problem..dunno what to do..I know that everything is here but I read that and dunno nothin more Just wanted to ask ppl who are best in o/c :)Im n00b
  9. Im new in o/c and I need your help. I cant overclock my cpu more than 240 I have fsb 240 x 10 with HT x4. I tried with ht x3 and other cfg like 250x9 and it doesnt work..My mate told me to try change somethin with memories but they are 500mhz but also when Im changin memory ratio its same..I tried also to give more volts for CPU, Chipset and memories..I updated bios to the newest one on Dfi web...damn...ppl help me - on fsb240 os is full stable...but when Im tryn to run 241x10 its freeze.. sometime computer stoppin at loadin windows... sometimes at raid detector from nvidia..dont have Idea how to run my cpu faster..and I wanna get more from my gskills please help Greetz
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