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  1. The OCZ have the cables with protection, the components are totaly indentical.
  2. FORTON 700w = OCZ GameXTREAM 700W = Aopen 700W See this OCZ: http://www.phoronix.net/image.php?id=502&i...e700_inside_lrg Aopen: http://www.hard-h2o.com/images/reviews/fue...power700/11.jpg Its the same PSU, im sure.
  3. My motherboard does not start up But the mobo works fine if I only connect the left connector of this two.
  4. Ummm if the connector of the GamesXtream and Powerstream are the same, my mobo its broken, so that does not boot to me when I connect that connector of powerstream to the mobo. LOL, I cannot believe that I have too many problems
  5. When I connect the connector of the Powerstream in the connector of 8 pins of the DFI Expert does not start.And the form is the same. With your Forton you have them connected? The connectors of your PSU and the GamesXtream are the same.
  6. Hi another time. The question is easy to answer. My OCZ Powerstream 520W its coming from RMA, and I have a question. These are the connectors of my psu : And these are the connectors of the GamesXTream: The marked ones are such? Thanks.
  7. Install SP3 = Vista LOL I think like the others, SP1 make the computer inestable and create a lot of problems with hardware, drivers, games... etc. But SP2 its good for security, a lot of worms and viruses use the vulnerabilities of SP1 or WindowsXP(without SP). Install It.
  8. Finally the Enermax its traveling to the store and gives back the money to me. I am going away to buy a OCZ GamesXtream 700W YEAH! ¿Somebody can say me how many noise produce the OCZ?
  9. Im gona CRY!!!!! They offer me the NEO550W, but I do not have anything in clearly. I have the sensation of which 550W they are just and I will need soon this 700W from the OCZ. The NeoHE shows off to be a PSU of great quality, but the people insist me with the OCZ. With all the distributors that I have treated they have said to me that OCZ has a percentage of too high RMA and are not of trusting.
  10. Hi another time Wich its better?¿? A PSU with 3 x +12v lines with 18A or a PSU with 2 x +12v linez with 20A¿? Its easy EDIT: BeQuiet BQT P6 600W Dark Power PRO or Antec NeoHE 550W ?¿
  11. The shop give me the option to change the Enermax to an Antec Neo HE 550. By the specs I think that its a ver good PSU.
  12. I get a solution by the shop, I can change the Enermax Liberty 620 by an Anter Neo HE 550 EC. What I can do? Better to get the money and buy an OCZ 700w?
  13. Can anyone giveme the partition number or revision of the Enermax Liberty that works fine with my MOBO?
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