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  1. Hi guys.. anyone hit pass 2.6ghz for this sturbon chip? if not..whats the max clock u guys have with this chip...and at what vcore... thanks~
  2. ohh..as mention..and in my sig.. Gigabyte Gpower BL.. Air cooling,.
  3. thanks guys for the compliment..but anyone has any solutions to hit 2.8ghz haha.. wonder if my Gigabyte G-power BL is too weak..but temp hover at 44..at full load..so i dun feel is temp problem.
  4. yeap...pump my vcore to 1.65v...still unstable after anything above 2.73ghz..lol its able to boot..at 2.8ghz...so i thought that there might be some of the settings i did wrongly resulting in the instability.
  5. hmm after setting agp to 67...what do i need to do to ensure the bottleneck?
  6. Hi guys.. would like to know, how high can your sempron 2800+ max at? mine seems to max at 2730mhz stable...able to boot at 2.8Ghz..but fail super PI and Prime95.. Divider run at 133mhz still unstable at 2.8ghz. wonder is my cpu max at 2.8ghz? Ram timings i only set the first 5..others i put auto... thanks~ :nod:
  7. Hmm..is auto lock..or can find the function in bios? cos i cant find any..thanks.
  8. thanks guys.. but now everything is back to stable..i am not sure..if i do a reformat..will the system hang again... Btw Guys..would like to knw..does my board have PCI lock? Before asking for any further assistance, please get your system signature together, as stated in the forum rules. Thank you for your cooperation. -AceGoober btw, yes, the board does have a PCI lock.
  9. Hi guys..but there are some doubts i wish to clear.. during the first installation of the hdd.. as long as i never clear my cmos or set my bios to optimized setting, the system will hang at the boot from cdrom part... i did my installation after reseting my bios...happens to all SATA channel.. will i need to reset my bios everytime i did a format? can someone carifly? thanks.
  10. hey guys...thanks for the great info..it works..never expect that a change in the channel will solve the issues...learn something new...and really..a big thanks to all DFI buddies..~ cheers!
  11. Hi guys... Just bought Hitachi SATA2 HDD 2 days ago.. having problem installing...so i reset my overclocked settings to default..and installation went smoothly... Now i would like to know.. after installing winxp with the new HDD.. i cant bring my HTT to 341 which i am able to do previously with my IDE hdd.. Any guys can solve the problem? i cant even do 250HTT Thanks... My Setup is as below AMD Sempron 2800+ @ 2.73Ghz ( 341 x8) <--Thats the clock previously with ide hdd DFI LANparty UT 250GB Nf3 Hitachi SATA 2 80GB 1Gb cosair UCCC ram Geforce 4 ti4200 I knw the culprit lies with the HDD..but any settings in the bios that can overcome this problem? i dun seems to be able to find any solutions thank you
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