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  1. Board and ram were dibbed on ocforums this morning. Mobo is sold and ram is pending payment.
  2. Yep, that is the correct command for a force flash - ignores board id/firmware.
  3. All ram is essentially sdram - synchronis dynamic random access memory. Your board and cpu only support DDR1.
  4. I have an extra yellow DFI bracket. $5 via pp and I'll ship it to you.
  5. I do agree though. It's highly unlikely that both sticks would be bad. Give us a bit more info, and someone might be able to help.
  6. I have had similar issues with both DFI boards and Asus boards with Crucial and Patriot high end kits. I, however, was getting mem error on post. I had to boot to bios with 1 stick and manually set voltage and timings to the manufacturer's specs before I could begin to crank up fsb. Are the sticks running at 800mhz when they error out on memtest? Are you overclocking the cpu or raising fsb? I only ask because drive strength and sub timings seem to become more critical as you aprouch ddr2 1000 and beyond. If they are failing at 800mhz with the cpu at stock on each individual stick, then you might have a bunk kit.
  7. My backup video card died. I need this stuff gone to get a new card. I would be very interested in trading for a 7900 or better Nvidia card. Paypal only ConUS only CPU's Opteron 144 CAB2E 2.8ghz @ 1.55v Asking $40 shipped Athlon 2200+ AXDA2200UV3C Y840085F40294 AIXJB0425XPDW Asking $15 shipped Sold to gangaskan @ ocf Athlon 1333 A1333AMS3C AYHJA0126UPRW 96564450304 Asking $10 shipped T2300 Core Duo Mobile LF80539 T2300 7612A19 SL8VR 1.66/2M/667 Asking $60 shipped Celeron 370 Mobile RH80536 370 7613A834 SL8MM 1.5/1M/400 Asking $25 shipped HEAT
  8. I've had similar issues with my expert. Start off slow and use a minimal build - board, cpu, ram, gfx card, and psu. Run memtest to check the ram. If you get errors, move the sticks back to the yellow slots and retest (maybe even test one stick at a time). I have 4 sets of ram, 2 of which only work in a specific channel. You can at least eliminate the ram as the problem if it passes memtest.
  9. From experience, it will kill your oc. In the long run, it may be hard on the mem controller.
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