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  1. pleease post here if and when you fix the problem.
  2. Well I just got my new biostar TForce6100-939, and it doesn't restart, but one of the ram slots are dead. I will be going on motherboard number 5 within about a 2 month period when i send this back . I don't know how much more of this I can take. Now, I don't know whether to take my chances with Biostar again(who have sent me two defective boards in a row, one with broken NIC, and now this one with a broken ram slot) or try another RS482, cause to me it sounds like luck of the draw. If this is a known issue with the RS482, how come the tech support doesn't know anything about it?
  3. sorry for my earlier post, I was just very frustrated. I talked with the tech support and he basically said he has no idea what is wrong, and I should just get a refund. I've tested everything seperately. I know it was the motherboard. And it wasn't just my board, I tried to get a replacement but that one had the same problem. Just makes me mad that they don't do anything and claim that it's only a small amount of people that basically they couldn't give a crap about. So I'm getting the Biostar Tforce6100-939 board now.
  4. Screw DFI. I am rmaing the board right now for a Biostar T-Force 6100 939 board. Dfi seems to just be ignoring this and im tired of this ..
  5. well atleast one of yours works . I'm sitting here with 2 psus that don't fix my problem. How long has the restarting been gone?
  6. I got a new psu too, and same problem. Now I'm using FSP ax450w psu, and it has the same restarting problem. Please someone tell me what could cause a restarting problem like this?!?!
  7. The fsp ax450 just arrived, and the rails seem very stable while I'm oced to 2.4(1.4 volts). They don't flinch while I run dual Prime95. We shall see if it fixes my rebooting problem however...
  8. I did http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=52506. No one seems to be helping. Also, the ones on the recommended psu list are too big for my SFF case in my sig. I need one thats the same dimensions as my liberty right now. I would go with a higher wattage, but there seems to be a big price gap between my choices. The 500w bluestorm actually seems to have worse rail raiting (only 15A on both rails) so why is this a better option? And the 600w fsp is just too much money for me. So why is the 500w Bluestorm thing better when it has worse 12v ratings? It seems to me like your paying for a cooler looking psu, not a better one.
  9. is this psu http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817104954 good enough for my rig if I plan to OC the opteron and maybe the video card? (I'm replacing the Liberty in my sig because there seems to be some compatibility issue or something/ and this ones cheaper).
  10. welp, just got the new replacement motherboard, and seems to have the same problems. However this one seems more stable, but within a few hours it rebooted just like before. So now I'm going to have to find a psu to test with. Will keep you guys updated. Also, any advice or help would be appriciated. This is a major problem that dfi just seems to be ignoring, and it really ruins my first experience with DFI and probably last.
  11. same, I've tried it at a friends house with the same exact problem.
  12. Ya someone else told me that their aspire psu that comes with the q-pack case worked fine, but the 500w Liberty that had been proven to work in another setup didnt. There's somethin goin on with this board...
  13. Welp, I just rmaed my motherboard for a replacement, and I'll let you know if that fixes the problem, but your problem sounds exactly like mine. My system was dual prime95 stable 15 or so hours, memtest86 stable for like 15 hours, and i ran superpi 32m calculations with no errors, but would still have the problem with no bsod or anything. It's definately some kind of power problem. Why don't you try a different power supply, and see if that fixes the problem. There have been reports in hardforum that known to work Liberty psus have been causing problems for ppl, and that when switched out for something else, the problems go away. I dont know if it's an incompatibility thing or just some bad motherboards out there, but I would try using a different psu. I didn't because I can no longer rma my psu, so I am just praying that a new motherboard fixes it. I'll let you know if a replacement board fixes it though, and then my advice would be to get a replacement motherboard.
  14. Dude, then what could cause reboots like that if it is some setting. I've tried EVERYTHING. I went on the G.Skill support forum and looked up the correct ram settings. I tested the ram in memtest86 and get no errors. It's not my damn settings. You said this to my last post, but fail to tell me what could cause a problem like this? I've speant like hours looking through the bios for something that would cause such instantaneous reboots with no errors or blue screens. Could you offer me advice on what could cause reboots like this? Also, normally I would just rma the motherboard and hope I got a better working one, but when 5or 6 ppl have the same exact problem and the same exact power supply(a few actually tested with a different psu and got it worked fine), one starts to think there's a connection of some kind... And I KNOW its not the Liberty. That's what I'm saying. It worked fine on my other motherboard, and it shows no signs of being broken. It is only warm to the touch, and the voltage readings seem very steady. I really think there some sort of problem between this motherboard and the Liberty psu. I have yet to see someone with a Liberty and this motherboard and not have this problem. So, at this point unless someone can offer me some advice, or someone can show me that they have their Liberty working with this motherboard, im gonna rma it real quick, because I only have like 4 days to rma it.
  15. This Enermax Liberty 500w power supply worked fine with my Biostar Tforce 6100-939 board, and now with this DFI rs 482 infinity board, it has random reboots. These reboots occur with no blue screen(YES i disabled auto restarts). I stress tested the computer with Prime95 custom test for dual core Opteron 165 for 12 hours, memtest 86 for 12 hours, and superpi, and nothing comes up with errors. Originally I thought these reboots happen when overclocked, but they just happen more frequently. They are totally random, and happen as if someone just hit the resest switch. A number of people with this same psu and motherboard are having the same exact problem over at this forum http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=...6&page=14&pp=20 and heres a poll started about the reboots. http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1047982 If I do not get confirmation that this psu does work with this motherboard by someone, I am rmaing this board for a full refund and getting another Biostar Tforce board.
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