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  1. I am trying to find the bios update out there, but DFIUsa.com can't be the real DFI site can it? Isn't it like www.dfi.co.tw or something Thanks Tim
  2. Hello there, not sure if anyone has seen this before... When my machine posts it has the main post screen that says DFI Lan Party UT NF4 SLi-DR Expert in cool colors but on mine it is all black adn white and crappy looking. My colors in windows and on this webpage look fine, but I just tried a WMV movie and it did the same thing, all bizarre colors. Here is my rig As mentioned. DIF Lan Part UT NF4 SLi-DR Expert AMD 4.4 dual core 2 gb OCZ ram ATI X199XT PXI Express (1 card only) Any ideas? Should I try a newer bios on this board. Tried diffferent ram, and still the same. Thanks Tim
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