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  1. I don't know how I missed that, I used to be regular over there, spamming their forums with "Give us more SOF" threads, until I got banned. None of those guys at Raven development, PR or administration levels ever read their own forums. They only got Forum Moderators that's it. You can tell this by how dead Raven forum is, and the last time anyone posted anything there was a month ago. But I do know that they are working on, RTCW sequel at the moments. They have started working on it after Q4, and Q4 engine is what upcoming RTCW will be based on. Then I'm hopping that SOF III will follow up after RTCW. But at the moments there's no one who can confirm (With hard facts) that Raven is even talking about SOF III, and if they are it must be "For your eyes only" kind of top secret.
  2. No this guy said that the CD was never taken out of its cover and its Key and GUID was never used for either online or offline. It may cost me about $10-15 after auction is ended. Activision or Raven either wants to have anything to do with SOF for unexplained reasons. I don't know why they hate their own creation and maybe its the same reason they refused SOF sequel. Maybe game was unexpectedly popular (online) that people stayed hooked on both SOF and SOFII, and they have more online players than some of the newer games. Off topic but the fact.
  3. Well Duh! Hey SpongeBob what about [email protected]#$%^ and %*^&$#@!? Fikin lol. The one in the link says "New" can I play that online? My little nephew took my game while I was away on vacation and I don't have the guts to ask it back. Damn Nephews.
  4. Thanks. Matter of fact I'm gonna bit on that one in the link. It says new condition but I doubt it. Thanks Playah. BB=Best Buy? Bins=trash bins? Thanks for the help.............................NOT!
  5. Oh Yeah? And that's strange Evil Monkey. Me and Christ hate it. Thanks I'll check it out. Pump Pump.
  6. Mr. Pickle is there a SOFII Double Helix in there in your closet? Please look harder. Thanks.
  7. Technodanvan you got any PC FPS games? I'm looking for SOFII Double Helix.
  8. Ooztuncer, you think you can find me a SOF II double Helix? Doesn't have to be Gold Edotion. Thanks.
  9. Hi guys. Does anyone have it and would like to sale? Thanks.
  10. Angry is there anything on the horizon, as far as Conroe is concern? Like Full Lanparty MB designed for Core 2 Duo in the assembly line? I was going to upgrade for X2 4800 but I'm willing to wait.
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