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  1. I dont get any signal on the screen... i hate this, i thought DFI was something nice... This cant be right.. give me a plug and play. Going Back to the store... Nice talking with you guys
  2. Can you try to Upload a pic with a really big resolution of a Working board ? I havent changed any jumper settings .
  3. If i only use the Dimm 4,with a single stick, i can boot up as normal , with a missing LED, Just like if i use 1 and 4 So, my new 7900gtx is a bit lazy it hasent shown up any screen yet
  4. Ohh sry.. big correnction. My ram is in 1.4 and my m8 is too... If i use 1.3 and 1 i can only light up the first led... thats the only other things i tryed..
  5. My m8s ram is also in Slot 1 and 3. Is that the prob. im almost 100% sure i did something wrong, and its not a hardware fault.
  6. Hey folks. i recently bought a Venus ( Woot Denmark +1 ) And i made the whole system, but something tells me that im doing something wrong My friend bought the Expert Version ( almost the same ) and he cant light up the last LED either, so neither of us can boot up our computer, and we dont get any signals on our Screens... So, whats wrong !? i might be able to find some pictures of it.. The LED Desp is following And yes, it DOES start with nr 2 :S ? 0. System Boot-up 2. VGA Detected 3. DRAM Detected 4. CPU Detected 5. System Start-up So, long story short. Need to flash up the last led, so my system can boot ... Black screen of death
  7. Is the little power pin over the ATX 24 slot required ?
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