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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824001085 anyone had good luck with this? Id like to know anything about this, good or bad thank you.
  2. For the bottleneck with my cpu, would it really put a hamper on performance because if so, i would need to know for a reasonable price what i should do instead. Thank You.
  3. 8800 gts, is the GamerXStream do-able with this? Im planning on buying both and need to know if the 700 watter will cover this or will i need a bigger one. Thank You.
  4. Question about the Evga step up program, if i step up my g card now, can i do it on another card, or is it only one per card bought online from retailer. I would like to know if i can step up cards that ive stepped up.
  5. I am planning on getting a dell widescreen monitor for christmas from the parents and they need to know which one i would like, i would like to get some advice to either go with the E207WFP or the 2007WFP, any suggestions would be appreciated and anyone who has used either and liked / disliked something about them would be perfect. Thank You.
  6. hustin

    I-Tunes 7

    With the release of the new itunes ive been getting alot of sound issues, the most annoying is such that when im playing a song, and i load up a game, the sound gets all distorted, ive tried uninstalling and using an older version, but the newwer version rewrites the songs so only it will play on Itunes 7, if anyone knows of any solutions it is greatly appriciated. Thank You.
  7. How do people feel about the new evga 7900 gs', i was thinking about getting one, but i need some feedback Thank You
  8. OK, i have 2 operating systesms on this hard drive and one of them doesnt owrk properly, the xp pro, and i have xp home which i use all the time, is there a way to disable at startup the screen to select an operating system, because it adds another 30 seconds to boot. ty
  9. well, ive read they do improve, but by a marginal aspect, idk if its worth the $$
  10. what kind of other stuff?
  11. Anyone know of a tutorial or something to get started on mounting fans in abnormal place like over ram and such, and if anyone has any ideas plz help Thank You.
  12. Anyone know the best ways to wire a case for looks and effectiveness of cooling and such? Thank You.
  13. My buddy worked for falcon-nw and i had one of the ssf's and they arent all the hype they are made out to be, believe me, shuttle can do the exact same thing rofl.
  14. oo i get it now ty guy, maybe i should oc a bit..
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