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  1. sli-d doesn't have 8 pin power connector only the expert.
  2. You can buy a 2 or 4 port usb header that fits into an expansion slot at the back of the case. Disconnect the usb at the top of the case and hook up the new usb header to the usb ports on the motherboard. I did this on an older computer to get more usb ports.
  3. Would you be so kind to make me a custom sig. See what you can come up with, using Wild Thing as a theme. Thank you in advance.
  4. I have the SI-120 with panaflo hi volume 104cfm with sensor. 26-28C idle and 33-35C under load. fan run 400-1100 rpm.
  5. it is not worth it. its too high. $40.50 at http://www.bestbyteinc.com/HSK-TRI-SI12.html. i bought mine there.
  6. How do you add a jpg to a post? jpg is 800x600 or smaller.
  7. i had the same problem. i cleared cmos and loaded optimized settings in bios and problem went away.
  8. I would like to thank all of you for all your help and the excelent tutorials that have been written. This is the first time that I have attempted overclocking and I am running 2430 now. Want to get to 2600. Just built my system and installed prime95, it's running self test for 1 hour. i have run memtest for 8 hours at these settings and no errors. I could not have done this without all your help. Thanks again. How long do you need to run prime95, to be considered prime stable? If there is any info that is needed in my sig, please let me know.
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