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  1. Clear cmos, load optimized defaults, set timings at 3-4-7-3, exit bios and save settings. See what happens.
  2. 4 LEDs on = Power applied 3 LEDs on = CPU has been detected OK 2 LEDs on = RAM has been detected OK 1 LED on = VGA has been detected OK 0 LEDs on = System has booted to the Operating System. As long as you are in the BIOS including running memtest from the BIOS option, there will be one LED on. If you are getting 3 LEDs on, it means the rig is having trouble detecting the RAM. What are your bios settings?
  3. Would one of the mods please mark this thread as resolved. Thanks for the second opinion davidhammock200.
  4. Just measured the 12v, 5v and 3v rails (psu in sig). I used a multimeter and observed readings during startup, post, idle, and load (prime95 for 1 hr.) 12v = 11.95-11.96 5v = 5.11 3v = 3.36 The only rail that showed any fluctuation was the 12v and only .01v. Does this PSU need to be replaced? If it does I'm going with the Powerstream 520w, if it can't be rma'd.
  5. This deal is so hot it smoked the webpage right of the internet. Cant get link to work.
  6. Just found this: AMD Opteron 165 Dual-Core 1.8GHz 1MB (per core) 64/32-Bit (939) (OEM) Code: 120339 Price: $219.99 Quantity in Basket: none FedEx Ground: $1.99*(reduced rate) | FedEx Saver: $2.79*(reduced rate) | FedEx 2Day: $5.79* In Stock - Usually ships in 2-3 business days http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...ode=AMDOP9391DC
  7. try this link http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24392 it is a where to shop list by countries. I forgot about it.
  8. The Enermax may work on another mother board, just not in the Ultra-d.
  9. Try the 430w and if everythig works ok, I'd rma the Enermax.
  10. Just read all of your other threads. Is your computer built like your sig, now. If it is and you put in another power supply what happens?
  11. There have been various problems associated with fans on the mb fan headers. Try hooking the cpu fan directly to the psu. If this doesn't help, I can only suggest that it might be the psu or the bios chip or the motherboard.
  12. Do you have any fans on the motherboard fan headers?
  13. Load optimized defaults and enter 3-4-7-3 or 3-4-8-4 for the CAS/Trcd/Tras/Trp, leave every thing else on auto. That should get you into windows. I have the same ram as you and that works for me. Then you should read the oc guide many times.
  14. You should be able to get x64 drivers at http:www.nvidia.com
  15. Did you hook up dvd sound out to sound module sound in?
  16. I've been using Nvidal sound drivers and haven't had any problems with crackling. You might want to try them out. I, also read in other posts that the Nvidia drivers are better than the realtek drivers.
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