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  1. New equipment new solutions.


    Cmos reload will not clear with a bios update or a cmos clear. Do not use any stored settings with a new bios. To be safe load optimized defaults save and exit, reenter bios and save optimized defaults to any cmos reloaded settings that you have saved. This will wipe out all the previous settings that you saved and will save you some headachs.

  2. I have finally made up my mind about the Mushkin psu. This is a beautiful psu. The color, sleaved cables, ability of 12v rails to suppliment each other, rock solid rails, and the power (just to mention a few) make this psu a very good one. If it had active pfc this would be a great psu. I love it as the pros outweigh the cons (only 1). I can't recommend this psu as per the rules but, I do not think anyone would be disappointed in this unit.


    The 5.0v and 3.3v rails showed some fluctuation of .01v to .03v idle and loaded with webtemp and mbm5. The dmm did not show any fluctuation.


    Mushkin Reps, can I upgrade to the new unit with active pfc if I pay the price difference? (when it comes out)


    My next memory purchase will definately be Mushkin. Mushkin you sold me with your products.


    Mushkin rocks!

  3. I got the Mushkin XP_650 PSU today and it is installed. Here's a pic of the cables and psu.




    The power supply is 7.5" long.

    The psu is a smoked metalic and looks great.


    Here are the cable lengths:


    ground, 24 pin, and 4 pin cables are all 17.5"


    sata cable 19.5"


    Pci express, floppy, and molex cables are 19.25"


    voltages were measured with a DMM

    Idle voltages

    12 volt rail = 11.88v

    5 volt rail = 5.04v

    3.3 volt rail= 3.39v


    Loaded voltages

    12 volt rail = 11.88v

    5 volt rail = 5.04v

    3.3 volt rail= 3.39


    I ran Prime95 blend test to load my computer.


    Here is a couple of more pics:


    before pic


    After Pic


    green led on exhaust fan The Mushkin psu is 1.5" longer than the Antec psu and I can not install the 120mm exhaust fan that I recently modded.


    If there is any more information that I can give, just ask.

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