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  1. Update: a new (functional) power supply seems to have fixed my problem. Hopefully in a few days I'll be fully up and running and will be able to do some OCDB with this bad boy.
  2. Hello all, It's been awhile since I've been around here, was hoping to put up some good results with my Opty 175 that I acquired a couple of months ago but due to a random thunderstorm I am now without a functional Expert board... In the meantime I've purchased a 680i LT and an E6750 (the 1333Mhz FSB chip) and am having a big headache getting it to POST. I tested the power supply just to make sure it wasn't damaged by the storm and everything tested green. I have done a little reading and discovered that this board does not like to boot with USB devices, so I've unplugged everything but a monitor, a stick of ram, a video card, the processor and a PS/2 keyboard. When turning it on all of my devices power on and the onboard power LED (by the RAM slots) turns on, but I get no POST whatsoever. Onboard diagnostic LED shows postcode 88, which according to a thread I read on dficlub.org is just a reserved code. Not sure what to do at this point, though this situation is strangely reminiscent of when I finally found a working Expert board. I have the CMOS jumper set to clear and I am contemplating removing the battery before I go to bed for the evening. Any advice or suggestions from the community? Also, when the rig is powered off but standby power is on my power supply makes some chirping noises... it did this with the Expert board as well but I didn't have any trouble booting at the time. It's random and intermittent, maybe 5-15 seconds between each, and the standby power LED blinks when it chirps. This made me think that the power supply might be damaged, but like I said it tested just fine (every connector tested with a generic Coolmax PSU tester).
  3. Since the mobo isn't under warranty any more, you can probably send it to a DFI repair department and have them repair it, but you'll probably have to pay for it. I can't help you with the chip at all though. Posting repeatedly in the same topic asking for help without having the system specs in your signature is probably going to make people less willing to help you, BTW.
  4. If you've purchased Infineon, Samsung or Hynix brand RAM between April 1, 1999 and June 30, 2002, you may be entitled to a portion of the antitrust settlement between these companies. Visit the website for more info. http://www.dramantitrustsettlement.com/dram/default.htm
  5. I have just posted a thread selling a BFG 7600GT for $150 OBO. Here's a link: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=61912
  6. UPDATE: I sold this card to a friend. Sorry all!
  7. Likewise, I have a gap between my three drives and they all feel the same temperature to me when there's no disk activity.
  8. yeah, my third drive seems to be showing at about +5º C higher than the other two. I didn't know if it is just because the drive is larger (and older) or if it is some sort of weird bug.
  9. Ask Happy or Rgone and they should be able to PM you the contact information for DFI-USA's RMA department.
  10. I'm not sure if it is the new driver or the dual core optimization tool, but I just played DS2 for 2 1/2 hours without any stutters or crashes (it even seemed to fix the stutter I had when saving, which I had back on my old Barton as well). OMG w00t and other exclamations!
  11. Likewise. What I was trying to do was get it to read SMART data for non-RAID drives, which it doesn't seem to be capable of doing. Or at least I wasn't able to get the SMART temperature for the drive in MBM5...
  12. OK, I decided to switch it back to the NVIDIA controller since I don't need it to be on the SiI controller. Now that I have the drive letters configured the way I want them, it seems to have stayed that way, which is nice. Now I get my SMART readouts too!
  13. The java utility seems to be only for RAID drives and not for standalone SATA support.
  14. Hey all, I have a quick question. I can get my SMART readouts on the hard drives I have running on the NVIDIA SATA controller, but not the one running on the SiI controller. I was able to get SMART readouts when I had the drive plugged in to the NVIDIA controller but it played hell with my drive letters for some weird reason. (It wouldn't even let me change that drive's letter in disk management, which I found odd.) Does anyone know if it's possible to enable SMART over the SiI controller? (I'm just running it as a standard SATA, but I tried switching it to RAID and it still wouldn't read the SMART stuff. Granted the HD is not in a RAID array, but I would think that wouldn't have any difference as the other two drives are separate also.)
  15. It works on XP Pro x64 as well, you just need to place the DWORD value in "HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesnvata64".
  16. I just realized that this hotfix is posted in the "Athlon 64/FX" section of their utilities, even though it's a fix for dual core processors. A little misleading if you ask me. Perhaps they'll figure it out and move it to the dual core section...
  17. I don't know about ATI cards, but NVIDIA cards' voltages are hard-wired into the card's BIOS. You might be able to flash your card to the BIOS of a more powerful card (I'd search around to see if your card is compatible with any other card's BIOS) and get some more performance out of it that way. For other cards you need to do a voltmod, likewise I'd look around on the 'net for more info about this (and beware that you are definitely voiding your warranty and risking the death of your card). Google should be able to help you on those fronts =)
  18. Maybe THIS will be the magic fix I need to play Dungeon Siege 2 without crashing all the damn time! *crosses fingers*
  19. 2 LEDs means the VGA isn't being detected... 3 LEDs means the memory isn't being detected. Have you had any issues with your video card? Do you have another one (maybe even an old PCI card) which you could temporarily install to try booting with dual channel?
  20. Funny, I just answered this in another thread. Here's a link: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...041&postcount=3
  21. Reini, I had this exact same problem with a couple of my Expert boards. I tried an extensive RMA process with DFI, ended up having them send me a replacement (rather than RMAing to Newegg or RMAing to DFI for repairs) and I got a working board. It's possible that they would be able to repair it, but when mine came back from repairs I couldn't even POST. Hope this helps.
  22. I still get a few random crashes when running Azureus and a bunch of other stuff at once, usually just from my RAM being hammered by everything at once and just saying "screw it". I got it refurb from Newegg, so it's probably not ALWAYS 100% stable, but it passed Memtest86+ over a dozen times on tests 5 and 8, so I figure it's an OS thing. (I am running XP x64.)
  23. Quinn, AFAIK most SATA hard drives are capable of being hotplugged (or hot-un-plugged as the case may be). I know the SiI3114 chip has this capability, and I would imagine that the NVIDIA SATA controller has it as well (but I haven't checked). To keep them from showing up, you have a couple of different options. You can use the generic MS driver (which prevents them from being switched to "safe-removal" mode) and they will no longer show up in that dialog. If you are using the NVIDIA driver you can simply switch them to "performance" mode. Open your Device Manager and open up the properties page for each drive individually. Under the Policies tab you'll find two options, "optimize for safe removal" and "optimize for performance". If you pick the performance option the drives should no longer show up in your "Safely Remove Hardware" dialog. You might also want to enable write caching if you want to boost performance a little bit, it's your call though. Hope this helps. P.S. The MS driver should work just fine if you don't want to use the NVIDIA IDE driver, I've read that some people have stability issues when using it.
  24. I've been having problems with Dungeon Siege 2 crashing ever since I got my x2 3800+. (It did crash with the "exception detected" error message before that, but I gather that is more normal.) When my game crashes, it doesn't BSOD or sputter or anything. It freezes to a dead halt and begins blasting static out of my speakers. It's pretty hard to miss. I do get a few BSODs now and then, but I haven't gotten one yet when running DS2. I tried enabling Errata 123 enhancement (after reading the link posted on the first page) and also tried the CPU affinity fix, and neither of them worked. I don't have any idea whether this affects any other games yet, as I am having enough problems getting DS2 to run that I haven't tried anything else. I can run all of my other programs stable (for the most part), including benchmarks.
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