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  1. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=51711 I have complete stability and great speed for the applications I run, but I never could push decent performance from this particular set of 2x1024 on a Newark core. Nevertheless, keep us posted as per your findings - I'm really curious. If you have any luck, I'll probably pimp these into an office workstation and try a different brand or variety... Thanks,
  2. I could be wrong, but it sounds like you're running into a memory limitation. Check the thread I initiated that's just a few down the list. I could only get mine to run @ ddr333 speeds with 2x1024 in it, but the OC on the processor is great and stable. Besides, Super PI scores indicate that it's more than competitive for my needs! Try turning your DRAM down to a 1:2 multiplier first with the HTT @ 3x, and then play with the CPU speeds (fsb and mult). After that, reverse the process and UNDERCLOCK your CPU while you mess around and get your RAM as far as they will go. All of this is in the O'C guide that's stickied in the O'C Forum, and it's a really great reference. He also indicates that you need to keep the HTT down - mult x fsb shouldn't be over 800 (double that to get the actual HTT #, I believe), so at 240 x 3 you'd be okay. At 240 x 4 you'll likely be outta luck. Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. I'm pretty happy with my second machine built around it (just this weekend), despite the minor 2 GB of memory glitch. They are becoming rarer, but it's kind of time to move on anyway. I've never seen a bsod, and I spent a few hours on it compared to a plug 'n play machine (both builds), but I also learned a lot in the process. I guess more than anything else, the board established DFI as "the" player in enthusiast's mobos. Hopefully they'll keep the survivability factor high in the future!
  4. Yeah, if I weren't trying to salvage an expensive AGP card, I would have gone with a different board. Next time, I'll get more feedback from the serious hardware guys over here. Nevertheless, my Super PI times are down to 30 sec @ 1M and 306 sec @ 8M, so I'm reasonably happy with the arrangement for putting 2 gB of memory on this thing. The current settings are in my signature, and the CPU is running between 38 and 42 deg. C, at 1.425 VID/110%. If I could get the memory faster, I would be totally happy with this combo! The A64Tweaker trick just seizes immediately on my machine...unfortunately... I might try it again after a bit more burn-in. Thanks again for all the help, and I'll try a raytrace with both 2x512 (fast) and 2x1024(at required slow speed) to see how they compare in my personal "real world". Thanks,
  5. learners permit - The Tref setting helped. I have it memtesting @ 218fsb w/5:6 mult. I kicked the chipset voltage up to 1.8v and the DRAM up to 2.7v as it wouldn't boot with lower settings at 218(yesterday it was more stable at 2.6, but I couldn't get past 261 on cpu-z). So far, so good. If I can actually push to 180 on boot (171.3 right now), I'll probably call it good assuming I can keep the CPU close to 3.0 gHz. Keep ya posted (and update signature as soon as it's stable),
  6. Super PI: 1M @ 33 sec 2M @ 81 sec [email protected] 312 sec This is at 248/12x/3x/2:3 (ddr133), and is staying stable so far. This particular memory seems happy @ 2.6V, so I'll leave it there for now. It's going to be running Prime95 for a day, so I'll try tweaking it again afterward. Just wanted to let anyone else know how it's going - I suspect different DRAM would do a bit better in this setup... Thanks,
  7. I almost forgot...the sticks are these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227063 I didn't think to go for the DDR500 (now the same price) 'cause I wasn't going to overclock. I might end up buying different memory in the very near future. :nod: Of course, I'll see how close I can get with this first.
  8. Thanks, guys! I have tried nearly all the dividers, and it still seems to boil down to a limit of about 160 mHz in cpu-z with this combination so far. Right now, I'm running memtest @ 230x13 on the cpu, mem @7/10 and ldt/[email protected] 3. It seems stable, so I'll progress to the A64Tweaker trick in an hour or so. I really appreciate you sharing that tip with me. Incidentally, it appears cpu-z doesn't recognize the 7/10 divider and reports the memory frequency as blank. Nevertheless, it should be essentially 161 mHz. I'll keep you posted as per how it all progresses. I'll hopefully post some benchmarks with the "slow" two-stick vs. the "fast" one-stick configuration before finish, just for reference. I might end up keeping the fast Newark with the 2x512 out of the machine I'm on at the moment, and run this Sempron 64 3100+ Palermo (currently @ 270x9 and rock solid) with the 2 gig later - it all depends on the results. Thanks,
  9. Newbie here, so go easy if ya can! Incidentally, this machine's going to be used for CAD work, and the raytracing I do likes CPU speed as well as 2 gB of memory. This is my second box built around this old but great board. I have already run the CPU up to my intended speeds (2.99) with memory and LDt/FSB mult. in conservative settings, and it's simply great and runs cool (41degC in Prime95). Then, I went to set the RAM up. It wouldn't go past about 160 mHz! If I put in one stick, it'll clock up to 260 with decent timings and pass memtest 100% no problem. I tested both sticks this way, so I don't *think* they're defective. I've tried going to 2T, running 2.5-5-5-10, disabling interleaving, 2.9V on the DRAM and 1.8V on the chipset.... I went to the most recent bios, pulled the cord, pulled the battery etc., but so far, no satisfaction. I'm not after killer rates - I just want the stock DDR400 out of these things, but I'd even accept the next level down. DDR300, on the other hand, seems a bit lame. Essentially, I can get it to boot without going into "detecting array" at just a hair over 160, but it still won't pass memtest. The sticks are rated at 2-3-3-8 at 2.8V, but... I feel like I must be missing something obvious. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance,
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