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  1. Have you recently deleted a folder within the windows32 folder, or installed new anti-virus or firewall software? I know that shouldn't change anything but something similar recently happened to me.
  2. I'm not sure which cables are used in the connection but have you looked for an extending cable that will allow the existing floppy connector to reach around the board and not cross it?
  3. Yeah defo don't rule out PSU probs until you find a working, more powerful one also won't boot the system
  4. The only thing that comes to mind is the PSU unfortunately. Can't think of anything else that would cause this... Heatsink will be stuck to CPU due to thermal paste but can be removed by VERY delicately shuffling the heatsink, using a hair dryer to heat it gently. However I have never tried this as blasting hot air at my system doesn't appeal to me. Would recommend you try a friend's PSU if you can. The only other thing that would cause this problem is the mobo itself. Obviously to RMA it you would need to remove the CPU, so test another PSU first then get to the tricky job later.
  5. USB devices shouldn't interfere with booting a working system, but can cause more problems if you already have some. Suggest you remove all unnecessary hardware and attempt to boot from your OS HDD. Only have the OS hard drive connected when you try to boot. If this still doesn't work, memtest the ram. You might possibly have power problems if your PSU is faulty this could cause this problem, but it's not the most likely cause. Basically, take everything out that doesn't need to be there to boot and see if you get into windows.
  6. I tried it alternately with one drive then both (since I have a few RMAs to do and I just wanted the pc to get past POST).... so I don't know if I had both in when I loaded OS... I think I did, but I'm not sure.
  7. As far as I'm aware even booting windows xp on a SATA drive with IDE drives installed can write files to the IDE drives. These files must remain intact and accessable in order for windwos to boot up at all. I have a SATA drive and and IDE drive, but I only use one at a time by disabling the other in BIOS. Is that an option for you or do you need both accessable at once?
  8. Try using different RAM sockets and only booting with one stick if you have two. When you know that it isn't ram, try a pci graphics card if you can get your hands on one. It might be that the pci bus isn't working.
  9. hey, thanks for the advice... I actually RMA'ed the mobo ages ago now... I thinkt the fault was a dodgy PCI bus, causing my GPU to stop working properly and the screen to freeze. Thanks again guys... all working fine except I haven't got around to OCing yet. Hey ho.
  10. Make sure the RAM is in the orange slots... sounds silly but those yellow slots can be a classy lady a stop windows installation and cause random freezing within windows. Also, make sure the disk isn't scratched or got any latent prints on it... try cleaning the disk... even if it doesn't look dirty it might just have a fingerprint on it or something silly. Might be worth nuking the drive too just to make sure that there is no info left on it from your OS installation attempts that might be interfering.
  11. no worries...... no idea why sandra isn't working properly though... seems like both cores are working fine with the info you've given.
  12. well if it shows two processors then they should be working ok. try AMD Power Monitor and run super pi to get processor usage up.
  13. expand the 'processor name' bit under processor 0.... should give processor 0 and processor 1 and their relative speeds.
  14. try downloading AMD CPUInfo and seeing if both cores are running ok.
  15. I haven't got any error messages.... multi-core test passed and processor correctly assigned in hardware profile on it.... I don't know what would be causing this problem. You have definitely installed the hotfix and activated it in the registry?!
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