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  1. PS. Does anyone know is there any performance hit in using the onboard audio chip vs. sound card...i'm considering buying one...or not...just want to get some opinions about the subject.
  2. Hi again! I recently bought a Logitech mx518 gaming mouse and it really is better than my old mouse...so to make myself clear there is a difference between mouses...atleast gaming and office mouses anyway...and the mx518 IS a optical mouse so don't let that stop you from buying one!!
  3. So i'm better off with buying something else to enhance my gaming pleasure...theres actually nothing wrong with the current setup...but sometimes it's nice to dream & drool...thanks for the input guys!!!
  4. Is there any real difference between optical versus laser? Meaning accurate vise...sometimes i get really annoyed when i play some game and can't point my gun or something to somewhere quite the way i would like. My sensitivity setting is always turned quite down...and my current mouse logitech desktop comfort wireless optical model.
  5. No opinions about the mouse thing...could someone convince me into buying one...LOL
  6. No. The sensitivity is always turned quite slow...so maybe it wouldn't be worth it after all. If the new laser thingie would be just as good as my current wireless optical mouse theres no point getting one then? EDIT: What i meant was...please convince me into buying a new mouse...i really want one LOL!!
  7. Razer makes some awesome looking mouses and i really would like to buy one, but is it really worth it? I have logitech comfort desktop (wireless optical mouse) and i'm generally pleased with it but when i play fear or something similar i get the feeling my mouse could be more accurate. The Logitech MX revolution or the G7 would be nice too...or would it. So long story short: would i know the difference if i would change from optical to laser mouse?
  8. I'm running on water currently...can i go higher than 1.55V?
  9. They sell them here too but i'm short on money so i have to manage with this. Hopefully i get some cash next month so i can atleast buy new PSU. I had stability problems with my +3500 too. Has anybody the same PSU as mine? Currently i'm running stock...but when i have the time i'm going to get some results to post in here. BTW nobody answered the original question i had...
  10. My ram is HP3200...MBM 5...so my PSU AND my proc are pieces of .?! crap aargh.
  11. The stepping is CCBWE 0551VPMW1392526L51327. I had to take my waterblock off to check it...when i tried to OC i kept my ram on a divider so it was around ddr 400. How much should the volts change between load/idle? Or should there be any change?
  12. Right now i haven't got the time to do things properly but i think that my PSU is holding me back. In the weekend i tried with 1.32 volts and upping it little short of 1.4v. My memory ins't the thing im pretty sure. I got as high as 220FSB ~1.4V and Orthos failed.
  13. Hi ya all!! It's very nice to see this awesome site back up again!! Just wanted to ask how much would you recommend using volts OC:ing this thing. It seems that my cpu isn't the better ones so it needs some volts to oc. I've been searching couple of times this thing and haven't found anything yet. ps. i'm going to use it 24/7
  14. Cleared the Cmos overnight. Took the the battery off too. No help...it's still freezing. I'm going to take mobo off in the near future...going to report what i found.
  15. The long CMOS clear sounds actually quite good because i took the board of before and it didn't any good then. Maybe i could check the block positioning too cause it's a little bit crooked right now so maybe it could be little bit tighter in place. I'll report back once i get the chance to try what you suggested...i'm not that concerned about the thing 'cause my rig still runs but it still is quite annoying.
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