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  1. i'm going to install windows vista 32 on my rig below, i went to dfi's website to see if there is any raid driver, and i haven't found any, anyway, my raid0 configuration is on the nVIDIA nForce controller, will vista recognize that during the installation or do i have to load some raid drivers, thanks in advance
  2. i don't really know, but i guess there will be a little draw in performance than if you use a better cpu like lets say a core 2 duo 6600 but again i'm just guessing from the above...
  3. thanks Praz that's what I needed to confirm, anyway, i'm probably going with one 8800GTS 640M, will it be good enough for me at 1280 x 1024?
  4. who said i'm not going to overclock? i'm just waiting to buy a good psu too do so ( mine is crappy ) , i'm not even going to get 2 x 8800GTX ( since i can't exceed 1280 x 1024 ), i just want to know hypothetically if i put them together, will they work? i'll probably be getting a 8800GTS 340M and another one if i decided to go sli.
  5. Can I put together 2 x GeForce 8800GTX in SLI mode ( which will be 8x each), with the right PSU of course? Or does the two ports have to be 16x each?
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm planning on buying a new ram these are the common specifications for them - I'm not going to say any name or model - : 2GB PC4000 Samsung UCCC Chipset 3-4-4-8 Timings Here is the difference one operates at 2.7v and the other at 2.5v what should i go with noting that all the other specs are exactly the same. Cheers ...
  7. i don't really care about support and the price difference is like $4 so i'm gonna have to go with the looks i guess ...
  8. so they're both Samsung UCCC, 3-4-4-8 and 2GB. any suggestions?
  9. the cellshock has the Samsung UCCC it is certainly not tccd - they're both 2GB kits and that doesn't come with the tccd chipset -, the a-data chipset i don't know ...
  10. posted this before the website closed ... i still need a suggestion
  11. Hi, I want to buy a 2GB DDR-I ram kit and these are the best choices I have for a reasonable price: CellShock PC4000 2GB (3-4-4-8) - Says it's a samsung chipset in the specifications - . A-Data PC4000 Vitesta Extreme Edition 2GB (3-4-4-8). Thanks in Advance...
  12. what are you goin' to do with an SLI board if you're goin' to buy an X1900 ?
  13. Programer1


    go with the ocz, all the kingstons DDR-ONE are not recomended see the nf4 memory recommendation thread...
  14. definitely memory, since you don't overclock much, you only have 1GB and you game alot, the psu can wait but the DDR I can't ...
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