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  1. cheers will give it a go, surely it cant be the case tho seeing as people are reaching 400Mhz on the same mobo :s I am running the ram in 1:1 (533) after all which as far as i understand it gives the lowest latency
  2. 4 sticks No i didnt try that, will give it a go 6 hr prime stable, 6 hr memtest Oddly enough i did some gaming benchmarks and the increased clock speed gives a improvement, but for some reason its not showing up in the synthetic ones :s HL2: Lost Coast 3.3Ghz: 92.37 FPS Stock: 60.71 FPS CS:S (oc'd gfx) 3.3Ghz: 201.35 Stock: 180.21
  3. I have no idea what to try next :< i seem to be getting a lower performance at 3.3Ghz than i am at stock. Rig is in my sig, can anyone suggest how i find out where the bottleneck is 3dMark06: Stock: Main Test Results 3DMark Score 6367 3DMarks SM 2.0 Score 2513 Marks SM 3.0 Score 2833 Marks CPU Score 2009 Marks 3.3Ghz: Main Test Results 3DMark Score 6260 3DMarks SM 2.0 Score 2500 Marks SM 3.0 Score 2818 Marks CPU Score 1883 Marks http://img354.imageshack.us/img354/8938/stockc2dbj2.jpg http://img354.imageshack.us/img354/6829/3300ghzlt7.jpg max it goes to during prime testing is 50oC, i cant see why it would be but is there an app i can dl to see if it is throttling?, ill just do a quick prime run and screenie the temp at peak I cant get TAT working on vista unfortunately or i would use that
  4. http://www.nordichardware.com/Reviews/?skrivelse=510 More importantly Angry is spot on as usual which the article shows; they managed to beat the 3dmark05 record by 400 points! and they didnt get anywhere near the roof for the potential of the GPU . Imagine what could be done with the 65nm version So many doomsayers nowdays its unbelievable
  5. Hi, I dont know if this is against the rules but does anyone know if there is going to be a alternate chipset version (680i SLI for example) of the LanParty for C2D's? I cant seem to find (maybe its just me being dim) info about it so assumably no?
  6. Hi i was wondering where this post had gone? I dont seem to be able to access it anymore, or was it deleted or? Thanks in advance
  7. tnx for the reply,i re-read what i said in the original post apologies i thougth i mentioned they were cd drives >< will give it a go changing jumper settings and combos to see if i can get them both working
  8. yep it doesnt appear, will try with a different cd drive when i get time afraid this will have to go on pause till next weekend
  9. it doesnt even show up in device manager, the odd thing is that when i stick a boot disk into the slave drive it doesnt boot from it, which made me think its wasnt a windows issue but when i only have 1 drive there it all works fine i have: Samsung TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552U LG GDR-8164BL 16x52 DVD-ROM Internal IDE
  10. The drive is picked up in the BIOS but not when booting up/windows I tried each drive seperately and it works fine, its just when both are plugged in i cant boot from the slave drive or see it in windows Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  11. anyone got any suggestions for a watercoolingblock for a NB on a infinity? dont want to go out and buy one to find it doesnt fit i use a switech apex ultra kit
  12. Could someone clarify to me the difference please, According to the manual the CPU VId offset is the power supplied to the VCore, and the CPU VID TT is the power supplied to the processor Surely they are the same thing :S Thanks in advance
  13. Indeed i am, I had this running for about 10 months (i think) on air but the system is just so noisy i thought it was time for a change, unforuntately i found the limit of my chip was 2.65Ghz (not-stable) on a suicide run, but as with all things luck of the draw i just happened to get a bad stepping so it wasnt going to go very far on water anywyay : Bit of a G.Skill fan myself, used it in my last 3 builds and seems to go up the Mhz with ease , Geil are also good for a bit of budget clocking in my experience I cant say i have tried Patriot yet, maybe next time ^^ Ah well an excuse to buy a conroe, which i was going to do eventually anyway but i wanted to wait till the prices dropped over here I will keep my LP in the ol' cuboard until Operton prices crash and make use of it Thanks for the help
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