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  1. Thanks for the fast reply but no change. One more thing I noticed is once it's finished with whatever it's doing (sitting at the prompt after the IRQ listing) it moves on to 'verifying pool data' and shoots past that really fast into windows.
  2. I have one SATA3.0 16mb 320 WD drive that my OS is running off of. By default it is set to run at SATA3.0. I recently added 2 Seagate 400gb SATA3.0 drives for storage. The jumper is set to run at SATA3.0. I've been noticing my PC staying in the bios longer. There is just a dash right after if finishes loading the IRQ listing. The mobo has one last LED on it but doesn't beep. It takes about a minute/maybe two to finish. Once in Windows everything is fine. Does anyone know if the mobo is searching the drives to see which one it should boot or does anyone else have any ideas?
  3. I thought this setting is ok when it's set to auto?
  4. Where do I verify what the stepping of my opty is??? I see from reading other threads that certain steppings are like the holy grail....
  5. Right there in the motherboard manual it states to operate in dual channel mode you need a stick in channel A and B. I had both my sticks in Channel A. As soon as I made the move I was able to blow through DVD Shrink and any games, the two were previously causing a system freeze. Stable at 250x9 for a clock of 2250 for 16hours straight running prime95 on both cores at same time!!! According to smart guardian temps are still good. 31 idle/43 load stock heatsink. All on stock voltage. Tried increasing FSB to 257 to get me at 2.3ghz but had some memory errors after 6 passes of test 5. Is it possible to increase FSB to 300 and decrease some other setting if the RAM can't hang? If not, it appears I'm stuck somewhere between 250-257... Any recommendations for going to 2.4ghz??? Introduce a divider? Increase voltage?
  6. I was just wondering how you know if it's in dual channel mode. I don't know if my issue is related to RAM or not. When my ram is running at factory speeds I can't get through a encode of a DVD using Shrink or a game of AoEIII without a system freeze. Can run prime stable on both cores at same time for days with FSB set at 250....Changing the affinity and using Shrink/AoEIII on one core with FSB of 250 is flawless. Kicking in both cores causes the freeze. Temps are 31/42 idle/load. Have changed LTD ratio from auto to 4x and then 3x with same results. Have adjusted cpu volts up to 1.4 and at 104%. I don't want to increase to 1.5+ but may try to see if I can get through a Shrink encode. Like i said DVD Shrink causes the lockup, it tears through prime for as long as I want...Grasping at straws....
  7. So it doesn't matter where the memory is plugged in? Yellow or orange or a mixture, it will always run in dual channel mode?
  8. Does it matter which ram slots are used? I have two 1gb sticks of ram and would obviously like to run them in dual channel mode.
  9. Yeah guys, I stressed both cores at the same time. Maybe I'll try increasing the cpu voltage a tad.
  10. First post so bare with me. I'm happy with running my opty at 2.2ghz and am attempting to accomplish this by leaving the FSB at 245. Underclocked the ram a bit in attempt to maintain stability. Since I'm not trying to push the cpu I didn't run through the trials to verify max cpu/memory speed. Maybe I should unless you guys can suggest something else. I'm able to run prime95 on both cores for as long as I like error free. Max time tested - 9 hours. Am also able to run Sandra's burn in app for hours on end as well. With stock cooler system idles 32c/load 42c based off Smart Guardian readings. My system is unstable when using DVD Shrink utilizing both cores with FSB at 245. During the encode my system locks up. Uninstalled/reinstalled the app with no change. I've adjusted the FSB to 225 and shrink will run on both cores without any issues. Thinking one core is weaker then the other I've tested with FSB at 245 on each core by unchecking the affinity and each core encoded fine with no lock ups. Since DVD Shrink is the only app I experience instability does anyone know how intense of an app DVD Shrink is? More intensive then stress test apps? In my case it seems like it's a better app to judge system stability and my system isn't stable when running it. Any suggestions on this and for a fan replacement for the x850xt card? The default fan is a noisy piece-o-crap.
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