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  1. Just recieved my rma'ed mobo back from Aria It seems that there was a corrupt Nvidia Nf4 bios and was unable to correct with a bios flash. Anyway the board is up and running 2x74gb raptors in Raid 0 and my 2x250 sata II in Raid 0 both on Nf4 Raid plus i never lost any of my data on the 2x250 raid set. Very Happy now.
  2. I flashed it seems ok Didnt fix my problem of running raid 0 on Nf4 chipset still freezes But having no probs on the si3114 raid 0 raptors Could it be the Nf4 NV raid bios (which is 5.50) is corrupt
  3. I tried to format my 160 maxtor(sata I) still no joy doesnt detect when i dont install f6 driver ( single drive should not need it) and when I do install the F6 driver it freezes on the windows is starting up screen. Also i have formatted on the silicon raid using the 2 raptors in raid 0 but no i see the nforce ide controller is not updating with the drivers disc. Is this a faulty nf4 chip? Getting ready to RMA this board to Aria.!!! only 3 days old!
  4. I cant really do that as they are my storage and dont want to wipe them dude. My B machine has a 160gig maxtor in it maybe do a wee swap. Been trawling the forums about this issue seems to a major problem with Raid and NF4
  5. Just tried that dude still the same hangs at Setup is starting windows dont even get to the partition screen brand new board too which is even worse
  6. My memory is the orange slots.I have already managed to format several times on the silicon image SI3114 chip with my raptors on raid 0 no problems.
  7. I made an Xp disk with nLite to included the Nf4 raid drivers on the cd as explained in the guide just tried to format again and watched the new drivers loading off xp cd but it still freezes at Windows set up.... Set up is starting windows...... Why oh why as the both worked fine with old SLI-DR mobo this must be a mobo bios issue or have I got a u/s NF4 chip Please help I have been at this for 2 day solid now :confused:
  8. Have just upgraded my DFi lanparty SLI-DR to the new expert Model Previously had my two WD raptors in Raid 0 (2x74) and my two maxtors in raid 0 (2x250) Had my OS on my raptors C drive and used the Maxtors for storage D drive Had no problems formatting and installing. Now new board big problems. 1. the NF4 raid will see my hard drives (raptors) in the NV bios can set my raid set no problems. start my install (my raptors are on Sata 1 and Sata 2 maxtors are on Sata 3 and 4) asks for raid driver F6 (newest driver from DFI) no probs then when windows is restarting it sits for ages (sometimes freezes here) then when I go to Install Windows it says it cannot see any hard drives so needs to restart so when I go back in the Bios they are still there. I have installed windows several times on the Silicon Image 3114 Raid (raptors on Sata 5 and 6) no problems but cannot see or access my D drive (Maxtors) to retrieve my 400 gig of stuff really dont want to loose this! lol I dont have my old Mobo now so cant go back the way. Really hating this as the board is looking minted P.s. have tried removing the jumpers on the Raptors as I read somewhere this might help. The Bios is Dec 06 one form DFI web
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