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  1. Don't suggest warez on the Forum.
  2. A federal lawsuit has been filed against Microsoft, claiming it falsely advertised various computers by calling them "Vista Capable" when their system specs didn’t really meet the qualifications. Full story at tomshardware.com I hope this will teach them money grubers some manners!
  3. I get it stable and then I start to push it and if it breaks I can send it back, unless it was over volted they will never know. Then I put it back to stock speed and leave it.
  4. I cought something the other day, Where it kept asking to (work offline or try again). Pure crap! is what it was its gone now thoe. I reformatted and installed all the updates and cloned the hd. Iam ready for them crapspreadyers I was using avast but not no mo.
  5. Well I have broken pins myself and I just put the pin in the right whole it goes in and then mount the cpu and well it worked.
  6. I know on my ultra-D I had to change it about six months and I have had noproblems sence Knock on wood. I think they were week right form the manufacture door There are alot of post about this very board problem.
  7. I dont belive that motherboard supports DDR2 It Likes DDR one.
  8. I for got to unplug my 200G hd when i formated my 80g hd and the wrong hd got formated 160g gone poof.
  9. I read the instruction on how to uninstall vist and I can save you time bye just saying reformat, install xp and dont look back. lol:)
  10. Unhook all drivers but the one u want to format and boot to it with a windows cd and format it then hook it back together done.
  11. Was looking at the sys requ for this game and 1.5 ghz is not much. 700.00 should get it and then some. I hope Iwas going to try a socket A set up and discided to see if I can get something more up to date. Any help would be great! Thanks Shadrack
  12. 12-21-2007, 12:09 AM shadrack DIY Apprentice Join Date: Apr 2006 Location: Ark Posts: 31 Re: hardware -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote: Originally Posted by shadrack I would like the Gforce 6200 and 80 g WD HD do you take money orders? I got the package from you and in side the geforce box was this card http://www.overclockercafe.com/Revie...80TD/index.htm I was wondered why and thought you must of put the wrong card in the box I have a ti 4200. Thanks __________________ DFI LanpartyUT nF4 Ultra-D(Bios FX60 beta TMODS) AMD 64 X2 Fx 60 stepping LCB9E 0630TPBW Corsair CMX512 X 2 3200C2 3-3-3-8 PCI Express x16 nVIDIA GeForce 6800 PCI-E 256mb WD800JD (74 GB) NEC DVD_RW ND-3550A Temps stock MB 39C cpu 31C NB 39C Everest CPU CLOCK 2899.5/multi 13 CPU FSB 223 Ultra V Series, 500W Power Supply Windows XP Home Sp2 ............................................................................................ This is the post I posted on the 21st dec 07 He got them all but this one I suppose.
  13. Thanks I will eat my words when I get the money from John I will post in the other fs post. Shadrack
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