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  1. Just want to make sure, you used the jumper correct?
  2. well, stripping the system down and using just one of everything did the trick. Im still not able to use sli because when i use the board provided disk to install the drivers it couldnt read the disk. I think im still missing something in bios. Anyways got windows installed. Then installed the rest of the parts and i had no problems after that. Still going to figure out the floppy thing and reinstall windows with that working. Other than that thanks for the help guys!!
  3. I tried bumping the memory voltage up to 2.71 and 2.8. Still got the same thing. I found that on the boards when i was first searching for an answer and gave it a try. Thanks though!!! wheat
  4. Thanks, will try this this afternoon and let you know what i find. WheaT
  5. Ok, heres my problem. I originally had an ASUS a8n-sli premium. The board was terribly unstable, freezing when i was in windows. Needed to turn it on like three times to get it to post, etc. It was bad. I exchanged everything out to ensure that the mobo was the problem. After centralizing the problem i ordered the expert that i am currently using. Now i have no problems getting the computer to post, however i am having different problems. When i try to install windows my computer shows the "Settup is inspecting your system components" and sometimes it goes to a black screen after that, or it gets to the blue windows set up screen and freezes. This happens every time, with three different windows disks, and two different optical drives. I have also recieved a message that windows could not be set up because something couldnt be read. I dont remember the full message being that i only got it once. Second, ive tried to flash the bios of the MB but the comp will not boot from an ms-dos bootable floppy to use awflash. Now i know both optical drives work fine. One is in the comp im using right now, the second was in the computer when i was using the asus board and could load windows, it just wouldnt be stable. Im just looking for suggestions and possible ideas to my dilemma. Any input would be MUCH appreciated!! Thanks! WheaT
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