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  1. one day when i decided to play bf2142, it dropped to 1 or less fps after 2 minutes in the game and it repeated after i restart. after a few posts, the fans turned on for 2 seconds and all 4 green leds are on. btw i tried replacing the 3700+ inside it with a 3200+ that lose a pin and it did turn on with the fans spinning, but predictably it didn't work. so is the 3700+ most likely fried? i also switched 4 ram sticks around so it probably wasn't the problem. i don't know if it can be the mobo or video card, but since the 3700+ failed to turn on like the 3200+, does that indicate something about it?
  2. the bios is the one on november 2005
  3. now i have it at 1:1 divider and all 4 cas at auto, the cpu voltage is 1.55v, my htt is at 243 and my htt divider is at 4x, am i able to raise the htt more with this voltage?
  4. i don't think i found any temperature and voltage sensing or clock ulitities from dfi's cd. besides checking from the bios, are there any utilities i can download that is good for this motherboard?
  5. I can only run stabily at 2.64ghz, 11x240, with 1.56v core voltage. Is that voltage too high for the clock speed and should i lower the multiplier and possibly reach a higher clock? If I get to 2.78ghz but the computer locks up after a minute into the desktop. I also have problem recognizing the latency's at the memory menu, since there were far more than 4 of them and some of them were auto and preset. Please give me some advices or links to these problems, thanks!
  6. I got to the blue windows installation part but it was alot slower then before but this is not the problem. The error blue screen popped up in the last 4 min’s before the installation is complete. It said something about physical memory something usage dumping. I put one stick of the memory on the farthest orange slot and only that particle stick lets me restart the computer (Just in case if the memory/configuration relates to the error blue screen)
  7. ND- 3550a NEC DVD rewrite, NR-9100A NEC CD Rewrite, Hard drive WD2000 Western Digital IDE
  8. yes it's the only hdd hooked up on the mobo but I've changed to using only one ide cable on one of the slot on the mother board with master and slave configuration instead of two cables both setting it to master and now I receive "missing NTLDR". Is that a file in the windows set up disk?
  9. After the first part of formating windows when the computer restarts itself with a count' down red bar. The dos shows "error loading operating system". Both of the window set up cds I've used shows the same message and the same thing happends when I try to install windows with my old hardware set up and everything else. But it used to work fine and installs windows with my old hard ware set up untill dealing with the new mother-boad. Would the problem be the hard drive? Please reply asap please. Thank you very very very much.
  10. i reset the cmos so with default settings i think nothing went to high. But i tried booting up with 1 stick of ram in yellow slot #1 and its the same. Also, the screen won't show anything unless the cpu fan stops, they kind of take turns to work, and when its suppose to enter windows it just restarts like the system cannot stand it in some overclocking situations.
  11. oh so its really my power supply's problem, that means if i buy a new power supply it will work fine for sure?
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