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  1. bump for another new item
  2. I have a P5K Deluxe with a Xeon3060 and I have hit 545FSB on a 6-multi. The nice thing about this board is the vdroop is less than 10mv under load.
  3. Lian Li PC-60 with some bling, customized by frozencpu. Very nice case. $90US shipped to US Swiftech WC 120.1 kit. -- SOLD to aspms* Intel E6600 L629B -- SOLD to truffle00 Abit IP35Pro Snake -- SOLD Thermochill PA120.3 rad -- SOLD Thermalright Ultra120 Extreme -- SOLD Intel Xeon X3210 -- SOLD Panworld NH-30px Magnetic water pump -- SOLD Asus P5K Deluxe -- SOLD Intel Q6600 G0 stepping -- SOLD heat: sofarfrome
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