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  1. Hi and welcome to the club. I just got my first DFI board a few weeks ago(Expert) and love it. I have used Abit, Asus, Soyo and MSI and none have worked as well or gone together as painlessly as this one. Good luck with your build.
  2. I wish I could help, but I havent played oblivion yet and dont know what the requirements are for it. I just dont see you being able to build a good rig for anywhere near that budget. My vid card alone costs more than that. Would it be possible for him to wait a little while so he can save up some $$$. I would hate for him to go out and get the bare minimum required just to have to upgrade again in 6 months. Just a thought.
  3. (Monarch Computers) It depends on how long you are willing to wait. They have great prices and run some real good rebates, but be sure to call before you order just to make sure that the items are in stock. There seems to be a problem with their website updating real time inventory. I just placed a large order with them and ran into several problems, but in the end all worked out real well. Sterling (Customer Service Manager) went above and beyond to make things right...even went so far as to upgrade me from a $489.00 video card to a $699.00 card because they were out of stock. They will take care of you, but dont expect to get your order in 3 days like from the bigger guys. Also, be aware of the fact that you must have someone at home to sign for the package. Signature is required on all orders from them. Also, as a side note: Tony Lou from Thermaltake was one of the greatest guys I have ever dealt with. I received a damaged Armor case from Monarch and after Sterling notified him of this, he sent out a replacement same day and issued a call tag for the bad one...no questions asked. Hope that helps.
  4. Im also one of the lucky ones. My expert board was rock solid from day 1. This forum is a great source of information and I wish I had found it prior to buying the expert(my first DFI). I would have chosen a different PSU and would have bought a 2GB kit instead of the 1GB. I guess thats what overtime is for...gonna start changing out piece by piece. You guys have been a big help and alot of fun. Hope to be here for a long time to come.
  5. Is the light on the floppy always on? If so, you put the cable on backwards. Take the end you plugged onto the floppy and turn it 180 degrees. That should take care of it.
  6. Thanks for the reply. The Epsilon 700w sounds like it might be the ticket. The others are a little out of my budget. The 680w I have is the earlier model like yours. Up till now no problems, but I dont want to risk it when I go SLI. I guess I gotta start working some overtime...
  7. Thanks and sorry about your PSU experience. I am actually using the same one and am now worried about going SLI. Do you know of any good modular power supplies that can handle the load? I know that most people on this forum dont recommend going modular, but after routing all those long pain in the arse cables on the purepower, I thought modular would be easier. I already checked the PSU sticky on this site, but it seems to be a little dated and doesnt have some of the newer PSU's listed. I had thought of going with the Enermax Liberty series, but after reading about there current quality issues, I think I should look elsewhere. Any thoughts?
  8. Hey Sorrento...if you noticed...I edited my post before you posted. I typed in anger and after reading what I typed I felt like an butt. Sorry that it ever hit the forum. I thank you for your reply here and on the watercooling issue. Please except my apology for my actions. Its tuff dealing with scum all day(Police Officer) and then trying to be civil with you guys in my off time. Sometimes it carries over and I endup typing crap I regret later. Again, sorry and thanks for your help.
  9. Hey Sorrento...any chance you could tell us about your Thermaltake PSU experience? I have heard of some people having problems with the earlier models,but had the impretion that the newer ones are being made by a different company and are top notch. Just wanted to see which one you had used so I can avoid it or if its the one I use...so I can know what to expect.I use the newer Purepower 680w and it seems to work great. Thanks
  10. First off...I am not trying to start a war. A member of the forum had a question about a specific product and having used it I decided to post a reply. When you offered your help...I just wanted to clarify the information given. I was not trying to argue the point with you. I just wanted to make sure that he had all of the facts. As for Killing_Halo...Im not a TT fanboy. If I had the extra $$$ I would have gone with a Danger Den setup, but money is tight at this time so I went with something that would work and work well. As for the Heater core/radiator debate. A heater core is by defenition a radiator. It may be true that a heater core designed for a car has a higher flowrate than a radiator designed for a computer. I dont argue the point. And as for your piece of crap...you are entitled to your opinion. Thats whats great about this country.
  11. I used Enermax in the past and they worked very well. Sorry to hear that they are going down hill in quality.
  12. Could you explain how you come to this conclusion? From my experience working on cars for Mitsubishi as a Class A tech for 4 years prior to entering the law enforcement field...I could swear that a heater core was just a little radiator used to transfer heat from the coolant into the cabin of the vehicle by way of a blower fan and ducting. The reason why it was called a heater core is because that was its function. Wouldnt call it Radiator...might get confusing to the not so bright techs. Now...just wanted to see how you come to your conclusion that the Thermaltake is a radiator and the Swiftech is a heater core. They are one and the same. Have you ever even seen the Thermaltake?
  13. So if the parts cost $1500.00 than I should charge $1500.00 to install? Somethings a little wrong with that formula. :eek2:
  14. im looking at the radiator as i type this and its the same size as the swiftech (thick). as for the pump. you might be right. the new one is much better than the old and has much higher flo rate. the tem. in my computer room is about 55F-60F so the temp of about 15c at idle is about right.
  15. You should have no problem. One thing I need to explain to you. Dont always listen to peoples opinions on these boards. If its Angry or Rgone , etc. than you can rest assured that they have first hand knowledge about the item in question and will give you accurate information. On the other hand...if johnnynoob using his parents puter responds take it for what its worth. Some people spend all day reading the forums and just regurgitate crap that they read somewhere else. Its usually wrong or missing facts and was most likely posted by johnny's brother. My brother has the Bigwater 745 on his Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe with a BFG 7900GTX, AMD X2 4800+, etc. and loves it. I am now setting one up on my DFI expert. Its a great bang for your buck.
  16. I would like to clarify a few things. You seem to be mistaken about the kit. First off...it uses 3/8" tubing, not 1/4" like the old system. Second...the system uses 3 120mm fans that you cant even hear over the case fans. Third...I dont know about the old one, but this setup has been tested by several sites with added coolers for vid , etc and is rated very highly. My brothers stock cooler was keeping his cpu at 35 idle and around 50 under load. Now it runs around 15 at idle and never goes over about 20 under load. Again...we all agree that the old setup was no better than good air cooling. The Bigwater 745 is a great starter setup. In no way am I saying that it is as good or better than Danger Den, etc. , but it isnt trying to be. For $159.00 you get a hell of a good cooler with lots of options. For those of us on a budget, it works and works well. I would compare this to the Switech H20-220. They are almost identicle spec wise, but you get an extra single 120mm radiator with the bigwater 745.
  17. Im sure I will get flamed for this post, but here goes.... As far as an all in one kit...the Bigwater 745 is a great start. Many people that have opinions about Thermaltake base it on reviews or experience with earlier products. The first bigwater kit worked, but was kind of lame. Wasnt much better than air cooling. The new kit has larger tubing and two radiators, high quality pump and improved parts. My brother uses one and I will have mine up very soon. Its true that if you buy the parts from Danger Den...you can build a much better rig, but for the $159.00 I spent for the kit, you cant buy crap. I checked out the swiftech kit and for the money I feel this is a better deal. It gets you started and as money allows, you can add to it or upgrade it as you see fit. Hope that helps.
  18. I just picked up one of the Ultra X2 UV PSU's and it looks pretty cool. My Thermaltake 680W kicks its butt and runs much cooler and is more efficient, but I couldnt help trying the Ultra out. It was less than $100.00 and I just wanted to see if all the reviews about it were true. So far so good. For the money...its not bad. Lots of bling and the Flex cables are very easy to hide. Seems to run very stable and within spec. Hooked up 7800SLI, 5 fans, 2 optical drives, 1 floppy, 2 harddrives and water cooling. Handled it fine. The lifetime warranty is also a nice plus. Would I recommend it? If you are on a budget and looking for a Modular PSU with high bling factor...go for it. If you have a higher budget go with something from OCZ, Enermax, Thermaltake , etc. The ultra is solid, but a little dated technology wise. Most new PSU's are 80+% efficient and use active or passive PFC. This is only rated at about 70% under load and has no PFC. Hope that helps.
  19. Welcome to the club. Just a couple of things you should do before posting on this site. Make sure to read the rules...you need to put your specs in your sig. Also read the section on doing a search. I dont mean to come off harsh...just trying to save you the wrath of "Angry". Check out this link for the recommended power supplies. Hope that helps. Again...welcome :nod: Recommended PSU's
  20. Hey guys...just wanted to let you know about an experience I had with Thermaltake customer service. As you can see, I have several products made by Thermaltake. I know that some of you have bad opinions about their PSU's, but to be honest...their new stuff is great and runs very stable. Up untill now I never had reason to deal with their customer service/RMA so had no idea what to expect. The BigWater 745 kit I received (in sig.) as a birthday gift from TigerDirect.com, was missing the UV Tubing. I have a feeling that Tiger might have shipped me an open box. Anyway...it was ordered several weeks prior to me getting it as a gift. I contacted thermaltake and requested a missing parts RMA, but was told that they only allow 10 days for missing parts requests and that I would have to pay for it. This got me a little pissed off, but I remained calm and emailed back the reason for the delay was due to the fact that it was a gift. I didnt think it would make a difference , so I started looking around at Primoflex tubing when all of a sudden I got an email back with a thank you and tracking# for my missing tubing. Total time from request to shipping was about 2 days. Not bad in my book. Just thought I would let you know. AND NO....I DONT WORK FOR THEM AND I AM NOT GETTING ANY KICKBACK FOR THIS POST.
  21. I dont think I understand...you wont have money for 3-6 months? We are talking about shipping your mobo right? I cant see it costing more than $15.00 to ship. Thats not bad considering its a $400.00 mobo. Maybe I am missing something or misunderstood?
  22. I have an Expert and have had zero problems. Why not try the new crossfire board? You seem to be using an ATI card and if you prefer it over Nvidia, give it a try. Its got true x16 PCIe slots and some other features lacking on the SLI boards. Just an idea.
  23. Hey...I dont know if I would trust the results of using a cheap 350w PSU. I use the Expert board and I dont even think the LED's would come on with that..lol. Maybe try and see if a friend might have a better PSU you can try so you can be sure to rule it out. Just a thought.
  24. Not sure, but I havent heard anything good about the ultra PSU's. It might not have anything to do with your problem, but I would dump it as fast as I could.
  25. I would have to agree. First thing that comes to mind is that you have a PSU problem. There might be other factors/problems, but I would start by replacing the PSU with one on the approved PSU list
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