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  1. Angry - boy, what a rant! Okay, you are right to some degree, because it is in the mainstream where money is earned and AMD supplies an integrated plattform that is potentially more stable and overclocks higher automatically. I am no newbie but now two years in I am still not at 100% of my DFI LP UT Expert - it is such a girl that doesn't let me touch her beautiful breasts yet, hehe! Anyhow, my point is, that all my mates are well behind my (still poor) skills when it comes to overclocking hardware - they are the mainstream but still they want to get sound results easily. So AMD gives them a hand for not too much money to invest. Fair play to me. Being honest this hole "gotta have the latest s**t" mentality to me is truly silly. When my mates and me hook up for a descent LAN - it all falls down to one or two systems being way behind or simply not stable enough. The point is, give them something affordable, stable and with an easy way to have an extra bit of power at hand. Look, I am no jealous of people who can afford the latest X-core and Ultra-whatever set-up. Actually I feel sorry for them when they start and think that their equipment is a reason why I should feel to j**k off, too. Nope, thanks, I stay with me misses there. I got one mate who is this kind of candidate. He got him self a GTS, while I still stick with my x1950XT. Then he turned around and said "I was waiting all my life and now finally I have a system that outperforms you - HA HA!" Actually, I didn't know up to that point how bad his sexual life really was... Poor bloke! And now? Well now Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is out and that is my personal only valid benchmark. What do I care about 3EbenchmarkX17 bla bla score when the only time I want SUFFICIENT performance is when I play my fav game? SupCom ships for like 35EUR - as if I would go out and shell out 1500EUR for a system just to always more than 50fps!
  2. At least, it is a good sign, that in safe mode you can click on Drive Cleaner without the system crashing. Is the 7300 a card with TurboCache like the 6200? I mean, does it share main memory with the graphics memory? However, I don't know of an option for switching of the TurboCache in the nvidia settings. Since, it crashes as soon as you want to open anything, maybe time for running a CheckDisk. Hold down WindowsKey + R then enter chkdsk /F C: and press Y and reboot thereafter. If that improves stability at least a bit, then that is an indication for a hard drive related fault.
  3. Thanks loggan, I'll give it a shot. Though I used the forum search, that threat didn't show up, so also thanks for pointing me towards it. Cheers
  4. I have just installed 4*1024 Samsung UCCC RAM into my sweet expert. Yet, the BIOS shows only 34**MB instead of 4096MB. Windows reports 3,25GB RAM, so how do I get the BIOS to read the full 4GB and not misses some 600MB? Cheers
  5. Sorry, to hear about your problems. Yet, to me it seems you're looking down the wrong path. System stable with old RAM - and now unstable with new RAM, all other settings unchanged? If so, I wouldn't bet on anything but the RAM settings, mate. Try go from there. EDIT: Just stumbled upon Happy_Games' post on the Win XP tuning vid: Maybe that's more help: http://files.filefront.com/angry_build_1aw...;/fileinfo.html
  6. Well, I bought myself some ADATA Vitesta 2*1024 and even thought it says 1T, Medieval 2 TW doesn't like it and freezes after some minutes into the game. Even though the chips used on the Vitesta are Samsung UCCD, I think it is weird that at standard setting of 3-4-4-8 DDR500 one cannot go at 1T on the Expert. Maybe a BIOS update would help, if DFI. After all, on their website they still have the tag "new" next to the board - wow! It's like it renewing itself each night, hehe!
  7. Alright there, quick update on my front. Currently run 315*9, which equates to 2835 @1.425V - there is not much more in the kitty. I can go faster just as BuddTX mentioned, but it's not prime stable, so games would crash every then and after. Since another batch of Vitesta RAM is on its way, I haven't updated my sig, because I need to get it stable with 4*1024 anyhow. This will be quite a task. It's amazing to consider that this CPU is fine by standard Vcore at 2750 but beyond that for you really got to give some extra. Consider, for 80Mhz extra I need to increase the Vcore by 0.75! This is mental. Even though my previous 4400+ took 1.71, I just don't want to go there anymore. Cheers
  8. Ah, now I got it! So, this is predominantly for those thinking of upgrading or switching the set-up, so that there is a starting point for relative power. Alright, thanks for making that clear. Cheers
  9. I currently have mine at 250*11 at 1.35V. Quite frankly I can't belief that it runs stable - but it does! I gave it a try with 250*12 and 1.55V at could boot Windows but there was no sign of prime stable, so I reverted back to 250*11. BTW: Where is my sig?! Don't understand - update my sig but it doesn't show up! WTF!?
  10. I agree with the posts here. Heat is really the indicator to go for. I use air cooling but it is the Noctua NH-U 12 with 2*120mm fans so I get on 5000cm² surface an airflow of over 200m³/h. Having an open case it is sufficient to cool under full load to 46°C. When using prime's torture load I get 49°C, so it is still okay for me. You also want to check the OC thread for more details on the Vcore: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823
  11. I think the scale you are describing here pretty much applies to the entire Toledo range. My X2 takes the first 200Mhz quite nicely. Thereafter it just wants Vcore like there is no tomorrow. I am now prime stable at 450MHz over but at a shocking vcore of 1.68!
  12. Will buy myself a digital temperature reader soon to find out myself, since this seems totally weird if these misreadings are fact :eek: Well, about the 5 fan issue, wouldn't a Bios would do? I'm not a tecci but since the motheboard supports 5 fans surely the Bios should be able to somehow address them, or am I here completely leftfield?
  13. Corsair RAM is known to not running well with the DFI boards. I know, this doesn't help you in your situation right now, but maybe there is a chance of going over to the shop where you bought them and trying to exchange them to a set from a different manufacturer? Sorry, for this rather poor suggestion, but it seems that is the only chance left.
  14. First of all, thanks JooP for the hard work. Really appreciating it. While I use the SLI Expert I guessed the most closes match would be the SLI-DR. Though I still have some questions: 1: Is the SLI-DR appropriate enough 2: The Expert board has 5 Fans to be attached so two are not displayed. Any ideas of getting the reamining 2 fans in the box? 3: I heard of people saying that reported temperatures are as much as 12 degree to low. Any wise guy giving me a hint of how to find out and adjust accordingly? @Angry_gamers: Please get in touch with ITE or DFI for making available a monitoring tool that monitors the mobo. I shelled out some 180€ (about 200$) and it doesn't even come with a monitoring tool that displays all fan speeds and correct temperatures. I think this is absolutely... nope, better flush that down the toilette. Cheers
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