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  1. ok try this link: http://www.biosman.com/biosrecovery.html i've recovered a bios using that procedure after a bad flash good luck to you ! i can't say that will work for you but you can try you have nothing to loose edit: as i can see, it is the exact procedure that you used when you flashed the bios a bootable floppy an so on so, i think you should do a hot flash or buy another bios chip already written with dfi bios pm tmod, he can help you with that
  2. it is possible but it's also very strange if you say that you flashed from DOS i've flashed the bios about 3 or 4 times until now (i've bought dfi mobo two monts ago) and i haven't any problem maybe something goes wrong in your case try to boot and look at floppy drive led if it blinks, maybe you could recover the bios if the boot block was flashed correctly it is a chance to do a "blind flash" but you must rename the bin file according to award recovery procedure i don't remember right now the entire procedure but i'm gone search and i'll post again later
  3. try to clear cmos i think the most important thing that must be done before flash the bios is to load optimized default settings and to do a clear cmos if they are some cmos reloaded settings saved it is not recommended at all to flash the bios when you have overclocked ! i think also that the better way to flash the bios is using Diamond Flash method because you will flash all the bios blocks and made a cmos clear after the flashing operation if you have the curiosity to look at the autoexec.bat file on the flash floppy, yo'll see that the flash command has a lot of switches like: verify checksum, flash boot block, clear cmos etc.
  4. right vgiozo it seems that was a problem with dfi website i've checked the site about 2 hours ago and the link wasn't there but now i see that all at their place
  5. has anybody sended an e-mail to dfi engineers ? cause i want to ask them that is dangerous to use that bios maybe they can tell us that should flash back to 14/11 bios version
  6. i never had that issue until now are u sure that is not something wrong with your power source? or something else?
  7. the major difference between the two versions is the CPC default value in the OCZTony's modded bios that value is "disable" by default in the official 0406 is "auto" i don't know if that's the only one
  8. hi all ! it seems that bios version is a good one ! everythig working ok until now i think that this is the 0406 tweaked version made by oskar for OCZTony but without the improvements aded by Tony the bios modules have the same size compared with 0406bta by OCZTony
  9. the bug is fixed in latest bios version take a look at dfi site for all the changes in the 0406 bios i had the same problem before but now all it is ok i think it has a problem with the color palette for radeon x1xxx
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