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  1. i set it 1/1 or any other ratio and cpu-z still shows the frequency of 1/10th whatever the cpu is running. Is this a cpu problem?
  2. Ok, so new setup trying out some simple overclocks. Was way sad when my computer wasnt even stable a 1.8ghz then realized my ram voltage was low anyway. Running 2.8v on ram 1.35 cpu right now, and its stable. 250x9 = 2250Mhz 1/01 should = Ram @ 250 My Ram says it is at 225 according to CPU-Z(CPU/10) What I am confused about is the fact that my DIMM frequency seems to be 1/10th of my processor speed, when I have it set 1/01 which in regards to my current setup should mean that my ram is running at 250(in tune with 'fsb') not 225. Am I missing something, a setting or did I read something incorrectly? Hopefully the images attached....
  3. Was wondering what you guys think I should go wtih considering my new build. I should be putting it together tomorrow, so I would like I suggestion on what OS. Thanks guys
  4. I'm thinking of ordering the Fortron Source FX700-GLN ATX12V/ EPS12V 700W All-In-One Power Supply. LINK Have there been any problems with this one, appears to be a compatible PSU, no?
  5. Can you suggest a power supply at this point that will have no compatibility issues, I would be willing to pay a premium at this point for knowing I have a totally solid fantasticly-compatible PSU. I have been quite a sad panda, not being able to get my new system going.
  6. so i should just call the retailer and try and return this gem?
  7. I would be more than happy to be insulted if along the way we got this system to work. lol. Do you mean the power supply on/off switch? What are you referring to by 'rocker switch' ?
  8. am I missing something, 4 power connections? I connect the 24 pin, the 8pin and the fdd power pin...where is the 4th? besides the cpu fan obviously.
  9. tried that too, and tried with one stick....its a psu/mobo issue, anything I can do?
  10. So I tried re-setting the processor, applying new thermal compound, and powering up the system- inside and outside of the case...to no avail. I also tried to test the voltage levels but the multimeter cant really get a reading in the 1 second that there is actually power to the system. Basically what happens is the board leds light up some case fans spin and then it stops sending juice. The cpu fan sometimes rotates slightly along with the onboard cooling fan, but its clear to me something is haywire either with the psu/mobo, or their interaction. What options do I have at this point, I have built multiple computers, and overclocked, etc. over the last couple of years and have never had this much trouble....
  11. so if i cant even boot up, I guess I cant really do these tests, no?
  12. So I want to make sure my power supply isnt the issue, I went out and bought a multimeter, now how do I test the PSU unit out, I'm having trouble finding out how, and although I'm quite nerdy, using a multimeter is taking it to a WHOLE new level. Thanks in advance for help
  13. So I have still yet to successfully even get my computer to boot up at all. It still does the: few fans powerup then shut off, the repeat then nothing. What can I do?
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