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  1. I thought there was some kind of commitment on their part to fix this last year. But I see there is still no BIOS update as of 7/28/2006. I only get this message once in a while. Sometimes every few days but as of right know its been about 12 days. The main thing for me is I’m convinced it causes the random lock ups in long gaming sessions and large file transfers. So is Angry correct? Do we all start contacting DFI asking for are money back? I’ve been waiting almost a year now and will be upgrading before the end of this year. I’ll never buy DFI again and or never buy a board that’s not been out for three months prior. Between this board and the ATI crossfire issues this has been my worst build ever and I’m closing in on twenty years of building systems.
  2. If it were just that I could live with it I guess. I’d still be bugged always wondering if any in game issue was related to whatever the Canyon Flight issue is. But I also am disappointed by the lack of game support. With many games I fear that I’ll have played them out before there is Crossfire support. I also have these issues: Every time I reboot the two LCD displays get switched even though the settings in the ATI driver all look to be the same. This will not happen if I reinstall an ATI driver prior to version 6.7. This is a pain as I want the fixes that are in 6.9 but my setup has one display rotated and I have to navigate though the settings each time with the display sideways. They just told me to go back to 6.6 but I can’t even do that as 6.6 had a conflict with my Dell 2405. How the hell did they manage that? It just has a black screen with running Crossfire. Fast movement, videos or moving a window cause bad horizontal tearing. I have spent many weeks talking to HIS and they keep telling me that the computer is too busy to update the screen. I spent $3500 for two x1900 cards in a new fast PC and the horizontal tearing in video playback is just as bad or worse as my old PC. What I’ve found out: Please look at my forum post to see a picture of the issue or see attachment: http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1075224 The display doesn’t matter. If I rotate one display or the other it makes no difference. The horizontal tearing is gone if I rotate the desktop on either display and no, the same horizontal tearing dose not become vertical tearing after the display is rotated. When I first saw this I did try both displays on both DVI outputs even tried rotating the primary display 180° just to see if the incidentally imposed v-sync mode would kick in but it only works if the display is rotated 90° or 270° in the ATI driver. I have been trying to fix this for months and no one online knows what to make of it. I have at Hightech Information System Ltd. request, reinstalled windows many times trying each of the two x1900 cards one at a time in the first PCI-E slot. I have also used drivers 6.4 through 6.9 with no change. ATI and HIS both just told me to get another motherboard and card to try to prove it’s not there cards. Thanks for nothing. Again, I’m not a beta test site.
  3. Sorry, all that did was add artifacts to the other demos. Like the forest one had horizontal lines dancing through the screen and even though the Canyon Flight doesn’t have a nervous breakdown just after the dragon goes into the water there is some shuffling going on in the image kind of a slow update in certain sections of the image. I’d have to say that disabling "Write combining" makes things a bit worse. So, I still feel very much ripped off after all this time and ATI’s only response is “can’t YOU go buy/get a new or different computer to prove it’s not our cards. No, I’m not an ATI beta test site. I don’t have other PCI-E card and crossfire motherboards just laying around. I want my money back.
  4. I still have this issue with the 6.9 drivers if anyone cares, ATI don't. Oh well it's just a $1000+ worth of video cards that I’ve had for over four months that I’ve had issue after issue. I still have real bad horizontally tearing when watching any video play back or moving widows real fast unless I rotate the screen in the driver and with Catalyst 6.4, 6.5, 6.6 the desktop setting are correct after reboot. Not so with 6.7, 6.8 and now 6.9. Every time I reboot the two LCD displays get switched even though the settings in the ATI driver all look to be the same. This will not happen if I reinstall an ATI driver prior to version 6.7. This is a pain as I want the fixes that are in 6.9 but my setup has one display rotated and I have to navigate though the settings each time with the display sideways. They told me to go back to 6.6 and I can’t even do that as Crossfire don’t work with the Dell 2405 (How in the hell did they manage that?) as the screen is just black any time you try to run a game. ATI’s response: At this point, we do not have any other suggestions. It sounds like a driver problem. I would like for you to send some feedback to our Catalyst Crew, so that they can get this addressed in an upcoming driver release. As for a workaround for now, please revert back to Catalyst 6.6. I’ve been waiting on them for how long and they never told the “Catalyst Crew” they just waited for 6.9 to tell me to try it and they tell me oh well sucks for you. LAME!
  5. Yes I have tried 6.4 through 6.8 and this isue is unchanged. It's the fact that all I have to do is rotate the screen in the ATI driver 90° or 270° and the tearing is gone, up-down or left and right.
  6. Sorry, I 100% disagree, nothin' to do with the display.
  7. That is another reason that I don't think that it is hardware related. The tearing DOES NOT follow the screen rotation. If I rotate the screen in the ATI driver the tearing is gone or looks much, much better if I move the window fast from top to bottom or from left to right. It is not just less noticeable, it gone. Like in my picture on the second display you can see some ghosting from the refresh of the LCD display but each instance of the window that was moved is complete, not in many pieces like the first non-rotated display. I can take another picture moving the window from top to bottom if you like. So you are saying that what ever change in the ATI driver that is happening with the rotated display can not happen in the non-rotated display? Anything is possible but that seems a little hard to believe. I do believe that other x1900 card users have this same issue but don't have a second rotated display to notice what the non-rotated display really should look like. There are many forums where they talk about how they have a new fast system and they still see horizontal tearing in movie/video playback on the desktop. That is why I started to try different things. I could not believe that my new $3500 system could not playback video without horizontal tearing. It's not there in games if I use the v-sync setting. Again, it doesn't seem to be hardware related. Where is the v-sync setting for the 2D desktop? It seems like there is some kind of v-sync setting that is enabled if I rotate the screen in the ATI driver. -----Original Message----- From: Support [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 4:17 AM To: Richard Berry Subject: Re: #057 X1900 Crossfire Edition Dear Sir, I agree that tearing is less noticable if you rotate the screen. This is related to how the driver updates the window you are moving. However, tearing should not be obvious even if you don't rotate the screen. We haven't heard of this problem before. We suspect this is hardware compatibility because you have already tried different drivers and also reinstalled the OS. If you move the window from top to bottom, do you see the tearing again after rotating the screen? Thanks. Best regards, HIS Support
  8. So no more canyon flight issues? What do you think the fix was? Are you using the newest directX? I still have the issue.
  9. My responce to HIS: You keep saying that is hardware related but... If I rotate the screen in the ATI driver the tearing will not happen. How can that be just my motherboard or hardware? If I rotate one screen in the ATI driver, the computer is not too busy to update that screen but is too bust to update the other? Sorry, I don't think it has anything to do with the computer being too busy. You haven't heard of this issue before. Have you tried to recreate the issue? Can I see a picture of your results where on two displays there is no tearing moving a window real fast across them both and there is no change in perceptible tearing if one is rotated in the ATI driver? Sorry, I don't have a second motherboard to help test the HIS video card. I would love to help HIS test there cards for them. Pleases send me a motherboard that you know works and I will be happy to test the video cards on it. From HIS: Dear Sir, Sorry for late reply. Tearing does occur if you move real fast but this should not be obvious. Have you tried the card in another system? We haven't heard of this issue before. Since this problem happens with more than one X1900 and you have already installed the OS more than once, this seems to be a hardware related problem. The system seems to be very busy on other things when you are moving the Window. That's why you got the tearing. If this is really a hardware compatibility issue, this should go away when you test the card in another system. Thanks. Best regards, HIS Support ----- Original Message ----- From: " To: "'Support'" Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 10:28 PM Subject: RE: #057 X1900 Crossfire Edition > Ok, I spent a bunch of my time reinstalling windows with each card by its self, one at a time and it did not help. This is my second email after I've done the reinstall but I have not heard back from you folks.
  10. Cool, I'll have to try that as I've had this issue for some time and it has been there in 6.4, 6.5 6.6 and now 6.7. Are you sure that it’s fixed I though I had a few times only to see it again the next time. 6.7 also keeps losing the screen settings for my two LCDs. 6.5 and 6.6 do not. In 6.6 the X1900 and the Dell 2405 combo would cause a black screen in crossfire mode with any game. They fixed that in 6.7 and even list it in the notes but now I have to set my screens up after every reboot. Just can’t win with this motherboard video card combo. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for 6.8.
  11. Ok, HIS has no clue. I just tried the 6.7 driver and it fixes the black screen when running games with crossfire. They even mentioned it in the release notes, some kind of x1900 2405 LCD combo issue. But movies and fast moving stuff still tears on the 2D desktop. Can no one duplicate this? HELP
  12. Ok, I sent HIS two emails but I did not even get an automated reasons as of yet. It did say that the support form had been successfully sent each time. I hate Tech Support.
  13. That is where I was headed but I have like no luck with tech support. I think there are others with this issue but they have not noticed it. I’ll be sure to post what they say. I did do a reinstall of windows and it boots way faster now but still has the same issue. Next I’m going to try the each card on its own.
  14. I'd love to but they are HIS cards and I don't think I can talk to ATI.
  15. Ok, 70Hz did not help. I tried that and everything else I could think of with the screen res and color depth. I guess I’m the only on that noticed this or who this is happing to.
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