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  1. Hello. I haven't been back here since I put my first ever system together 6 months ago! Everything is working great, except my chipset fan has started making some heinous noises. Looks like it's a common issue(?) It also looks like the Evercool VC-RE is the recommended solution. Does the VC-RE fit under my graphics card like the stock fan does (barely)? Thanks for your time. Hayes
  2. My powersaving mode is "Home Desktop." It is only supposed to shut the monitor off. No standby, not powerdown HD. I guess I'll try again tonight... Hayes
  3. I ran Prime overnight. This morning my monitor would not come out of sleep mode, but I could hear my CPU fan kicking on and off--just like it does while it's running Prime. The monitor finally came on after several minutes, showing the Prime dialog boxes, tests passed, etc., but I couldn't get any response from my mouse or keyboard. Eventually just hit reset. Does this mean I'm unstable? Like I said, I know SOMETHING was running on my computer--my CPU fan only kicks on when they system is heavily loaded. The tests shown in the dialog boxes also showed "passed," but I could not get any mouse response to stop Prime and get a completion message. Do I need to disable powersaving modes during Prime? Hayes
  4. It's reading 33C. My ambient room temps are in the low 20sC. I've noticed that both my "GPU Core" temp and the "Ambient" temp read zero sometimes. Might be related to your problem. Hayes
  5. Configured my MBM with the NV plugin last night. Seems to be working fine. What exactly is the "ambient" temperature sensor measuring? I realize that it's supposedly measuring the ambient temp, but the sensor certainly is not getting an accurate measure of the ambient temp in my room--the sensor is somewhere on the mobo. Hayes
  6. tasr, I figure information like the OCDB is a practical resource--I've been looking in the OCDB to get overclocking info, and it's been very helpful. The only reason it is there is because folks have contributed. It's not so hard to do, and adding mine to the collection only makes it better (although you won't see me pushing the OC limit). Kind of like taking a penny from the cup at the cash register--you need to put some of your own pennies in there when you can so it's there to use! Hayes
  7. ...and I will get something posted into the OCDB by next week. I'm running my X2 3800+ at 2650 mHz on stock voltage and so far it appears stable. I'll get all the required benchmarks and tests done and post up when I can. Hayes
  8. Ahh, that would do it. It only has two wires. Thanks.
  9. Traded out my stock HSF for an XP-90 and Panflow fan. Plugged into CPU FAN header. MBM5 doesn't report any CPU fan speed now. Any ideas? Hayes
  10. Interesting... So if you're running your oc at stock voltage CNQ should work fine? Hayes
  11. I've been running it exactly as described with the exception of allocating RAM. I've also been running MBM in the background. I have done the X2 fix. Hayes
  12. Beyond the usual websurfing, photo and document type stuff, I do a fair amount of video editing and a little bit o' gaming. I'm new to oc'ing, and I'm just trying to utilize some of my system's potential. I'll be more than happy with a moderate, stable, sustainable overclock. Right now I've got my X2 3800+ at 265 Mhz x 10 at 1.33v, but haven't ran Prime for over 6 hours yet. That's the best I can get without raising the voltage, and I figured I'd just go with that and be happy. I've played with my RAM voltage up to 2.8v with no improvement. I'm not sure how high I can take my vDIMM without potentially shortening my RAM's lifespan. Thanks. Hayes
  13. Yeah, I figure it's not really much of an overclock--the best I can get on this RAM is DDR460 at CAS2.5. I can do CAS2.0 at DDR400. My current CPU overclock leaves me with only a couple RAM dividers that work, giving me RAM options of CAS2.5 DDR440 or CAS2.0 DDR440. Which one do you think you'd run? Hayes
  14. All other things being equal, which do you think would be faster? I realize that I need to just sit down and benchmark both settings, but I thought I'd ask for some quick feedback while I'm here at work . Hayes
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