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  1. Unfortunately purchasing a OCZ GameXstream 600 PSU did nothing to alleviate the cold boot issue on a LanpartyUltra-D
  2. Purchase a real hardware RAID controller if you are serious about it. Instead of those crappy onboard software RAIDs on all of todays boards.
  3. The solution is that the customer is getting an A8N-SLI Premium.
  4. These are the specs of the machine in my sig. There is no short, I've checked and rechecked everything on the board, the screws, everywhere.
  5. Originally had a Seasonic S-12600 Alright I have the ever popular cold boot issue. Starts up fine, if I shutdown, won't turn back on LED's flash. Unplug , do the rain dance, comes back on after awhile. Sometimes. So after the endless OCZ promotions around here, I picked up a new Gamexstream 600 to test it out. Worked first few times, and now does the same exact thing. Powers on fine, fails every other boot. Have to completely unplug etc. This is getting ridiculous, I have all high quality components, and now a recommended OCZ power supply and it's STILL not working properly. My customer is getting pissed off, as he's now paid for 2 power supplies and in the same exact position. Can I get a new board shipped to me on a credit card, so that we are not stuck waiting 2 weeks for a swap??
  6. Yeh that would mean you are bypassing the onboard DACs
  7. That was exactly my point in a previous thread, it has nothing to do with the CMOS. It's letting the rest of the system de-energize http://dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php...1453#post461453
  8. When I've done a clear about 50 times screwing around with settings after the latest bios update hosed everything. It took no longer than 45-60seconds each time. I've never ever ever had to clear a board for 24 hours on a DFI, Asus, Abit , MSI, Biostar. What could POSSIBLY require 24 hours???
  9. Halfway through a CMOS clear is about 15 seconds. Marathon CMOS clears are a bunch of nonsense. You're just wasting your time. Have you tried swapping parts out. Power, RAM etc. ???
  10. Point is they are not worth getting all huffy about if you current have SATA150 drives.
  11. Apparently everything around here is a "power supply issue" if something goes wrong. Can't possibly be a motheboard issue. But Like NULL said, try swapping the card first. That's the easiest to do.
  12. It is the amperage draw by the board, myself and many many others have the same issue.
  13. It's a failsafe with powersupplies doing what they are supposed to do. The board is overdrawing current and the PS's are denying them.
  14. Do you ever have warm boot issues? Power down and can't power up unless you hit the rocker switch?
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