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  1. dlink caused me ALOT of grief in the past with their adls modem/router combo's, in the end i talked to someone at dlink who tried telling me that i need to power cycle the modem when this happens as what is going on is that the dlink's dns buffer space is full, and there were numerous bugs in the firmware that would'nt empty it like it was supposed to... i wasnt entirely sure of his explanation heh, but the gist of it was that when it locks up, u need to power cycle the modem, mine was pretty random, sometimes i would get 5 or 6 days before it did it, other times it would do it 20 minutes after power cycling it. latest firmware upgrades didn't help either... i ended up getting sick of it and got a different brand of router/modem, and it hasnt locked up on me even once in 6 months of constant use 24/7 (netcomm brand) If you end up talking to dlink support, ask them about the dns buffer....
  2. just so we are clear here, is that response in red from people at gamedude? or is it from you ?
  3. what is up with this thread just btw, im getting a popup login everytime i enter this thread now, doesnt happen on any other thread here.....and wasnt happening yesterday anyone else seeing this? (screenshot)
  4. oh yeah, that looks like a bad boy indeed, send that venus to cryo-land i'll be very intrested to see the speeds you get with that, could convince me to pony up the cash for a killer cooler solution too!
  5. "(i dont game..just run 6 monitors)" but u have problems with large pings on local servers? hehe, jeebus thats alot of fans for a water cooled system!
  6. Yeah i had a bit of trouble getting to their site last night, but it seems to be fine now, just in case it still is'nt for you, here are the details from their "contact us" section. Not sure which country you are in, so just be aware there is no international code on the front of those phone numbers, the (07) is the state area code, i dunno what the country code for australia is lol! Email DO NOT POST EMAIL ADDRESSES IN OPEN FORUMS. I WILL POST YOURS ALL OVER THE INTERNET IN FORUMS IF YOU WISH TO GET PLENTY OF SPAM ABOUT PORNO AND VIAGRA. HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR OTHERS Address GameDude Computers 3353 Pacific Hwy Springwood, 4127 Queensland Australia Phone (07) 3387 1500 Fax (07) 3387 1599 Opening Times Service, warranty, and returns 10am-4pm Monday - Friday 8am-12pm Saturday Sales 9am-5pm Monday - Friday 8am-12pm Saturday
  7. thanx for the heads up, i'll give this a try during the coming week and post back!
  8. follow the build guide that is stickied at the top of this forum i believe its the one with "updated os install routine"
  9. i have tried it both with and without the nvidia ide sw driver. i honestly think it is an intermittent hardware fault on the pioneer burner, i'm going to try updating the firmware, and if that doesnt fix it, im going to talk to pioneer. just btw... i posted about a side effect of NOT having the ide sw driver installed in another post, the side effect being that my sata drive wont play back divx without the audio stuttering every 5 to 10 seconds, copying the file to another ide drive, plays fine. The sata drive is plugged into the sata port 1 on the mobo. would there be any reason for this? has anyone else come across more issues WITHOUT the ide sw driver than with it?
  10. well, i've had the drive since xmas last year, and had zero problems with it on my old rig (asus mobo), it's only started doing it since i got this new rig (sig rig), but i was hoping it was just coincidence. the advice i'm after (since the problem is so snaky to nail down), is what can i do now? do i phone pioneer and tell them i think its faulty but the shop says its ok? (i dont trust the guys i bought it from one iota) i've not been stuck in this position before heh.... although a fix would be a godsend at this point so i dont have to deal with any more salesman crap I'll check out the firmware for sure, thanks for the suggestion!
  11. im having an issue with a pioneer dvr-a10xlc super multi drive on this motherboard. the biggest issue is that the fault seems to be intermittent. the fault is that sometimes, the burner won't burn dvd's but will burn cd's at other times when it happens, the player will spin a disc up (dvd or cd) but won't be able to see any data on it at all. this happens both with original bought dvd movies,original game dvd's as well as burnt data disks. i have returned it to the store i bought it from, but they tested it and say there is no problem at all with the drive, but i know it doesnt happen all the time. what exactly are my options here?, since they wont return it to pioneer or give me a replacement as by their testing it is fine. i have also tested the cable by trying another 2 cd burners on the same cable, and they both work all the time (i dont have another dvd burner to test with) the problem is strange to me, and i thought that someone else here might have hit this snag before. any help appreciated.
  12. my god! how many things do you need running at once?!? thats just blown me away hehe, i've never tried having even remotely close to that many things open at once, all i can say is wow! you must be a busy man!
  13. make sure you are running the OEM drivers for you're gfx card, i had bsod and machine exception problems using the nvidia latest ones from their site. As soon as i went to the latest set put out by my card manufacturer, no more bsods! funnily enough, mine was a leadtek nvidia 6600gt tdh, i see yours is a 6600 too. it may not help at all, but it might be worth a shot
  14. no, don't use the nvidia firewall at all, it corrupts large(ish) downloads. As has been said above, it's a known issue, the best thing (only thing actually) that you can do is uninstall it and use a different firewall. The nvidia lan works fine once you remove the NAM Oh, and don't switch to the sil raid, as its only half the speed of the nvidia one (sil=1.5G per sec transfer, nvraid=3G per sec)
  15. yeah i can vouch for the ocz pc4000 too thats what in this venus as well!
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