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  1. anyone know if DFI is coming out with an nForce 6 series boards soon and if it will be Intel or AMD? thx
  2. Hey there... just out of curiosity, is the sli-dr a "Lanparty" (green box with toys) or a UT?... also... will you ship to Canada? (southern ontario) thx
  3. lol..... i finally found the exact Bios i needed at mvktech.net.... but the link was dead.... ARG!!! so i emailed the owner of the site... what a nice guy! he was on vacation but had his laptop... he was nice enough to re-establish the link to the file i needed and even emailed it to me! great site... Havent tried it yet,... no time... but ill let you guys know... t Thx again all! Pantera
  4. will it mess up my card if its looking for DDR3 mem but it has DDR1? arg... and i cant use nvidia editors for the Bios can i? i have ATI's RaBiT but i need a base bios to play with... Thanks again guys, Pantera
  5. hmmmm ebdoradz, any idea if it would cause any problems if i use a 128mb bios... all the others have DDR3 timings... my card is DDR1 at 266... The saphire 128mb ones have the right timings but wrong megs... can i use this or maybe edit it to give me the 256? any idea if it will limit my card to 128? Thanks a bunch guys... much faster than techpowerup forums... lol YAY DFI! Pantera
  6. Hey guys... I've been scanning these forums for a while and I've come to realize that there are some EXTREMELY knowledgeable people here... So I thought I would ask for some help here... I work for a big computer store in Toronto Canada and a customer recently bought a video card (Powercolor X700 AGP 256mb) and apparently tried to flash the Bios with Windows... and apparently his sys crashed half way through so the Bios became corrupted... He left the card at our tech center telling us to keep it... lol so i brought it home... (free x700 = HAPPY PANTERA!) Sadly I have looked EVERYWHERE for this BIOS and no one seems to have it or anything very similar... so im here to ask for assistance... if anyone has this card or one similar (DDR1 not DDR3 and AGP non-pro) please post your cards info here and we can maybe arrange how to copy your Bios for you to send to me (painless process) or if anyone can find this BIOS online... I have already checked the best place: techpowerup.com... Sadly they dont have anything close enough for me to risk it... I would greatly appreciate any help you guys could provide... Thanks a lot, Pantera
  7. hey guys... im looking to pick up a new drive but im wondering if any1 knows what country produces the best drives... right now im stuck between singapoor and thailand... Hoping you ghuys could help... Thx
  8. thx jacob!!! im gonna start buying the parts soon.... im gonna buy a few things each paycheque and put it together over time... ill let you know how it turns out THX TO ALL!! Pantera
  9. ***EDIT*** Mrzeld: i noticed in your sig that u have the expert edition.... i think that the ram slots are positoned differently on that board.... did u use the zalman on the expert or non-expert board??? this may be inportant to my build... So anyone with a NON-expert SLI-DR please post if u have used this cooler... Thx ***END EDIT*** wow.... thanks a million guys... (or gals... lol) im gonna start buyin it a bit at a time... (paychecks are tight right now....) ill let u all know when i get it done... btw in my sig i mentioned "mods to come" im working on the first: a tool drawer in the 5.25 bay made from an old 6x SCSI burner (LMAO i dont know where i got it to be honest...) but i tore the guts out tonight and ill do some dremel/cleanup work soon... Ill let you know how it goes in a new post when im done... Pantera
  10. bump.... arg... i still wanna know about the Zalman CNPS9500-Cu .... i really wanna get it soon so can anyone help please? thx Paul
  11. Bump... I did a search but came up empty... thats why i asked.... thx...
  12. hey all... im new to the forums and im kinda new to overclocking but i decided to go with the SLI-dr (non-expert) board due to future proofing, lots of drive space, sli for later and possible overclocking in the future (besides the reviews were great)... My main concern is that all the riviews ive read have said that u have to use dimm 2 and 4 for dual channel.... i looks at the specs and slot 4 is the closest 1 to the cpu.... i want to go dual channel (obviously) but i also want to get an aftermarket cpu fan that will have the clearance i need for the ram... arg... unless i really buy the stuff and try it i cant really be sure.... so thought id ask here cuz u guys may have tested the one im interested in.... its the Zalman CNPS9500-Cu (the stand up flower)... 2 concerns... 1. Size: Will it clear the ram slots i want to use for dual channel (or other components) 2. Weight: This is a bit of a concern... im not worried about carrying a heavy computer... im more worried about it stressing the mobo if i carry it to lans and friends houses... I know most cpus say 500grams or somewhere around that maximum.... 530grams listed on the site but its tall so im just curious.... and while im asking... The list in my sig is the base of the rig i wanna make soon... can u guys see anything that may cause problems? thanks all and hopefully i can contribute to the forums a bit soon! Pantera
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