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  1. My Thermaltake is working OK too... Manu1oo1
  2. Ein? My sistem works PERFECTLY with a Thermaltake 680 and an Expert. What's the problem? Manu1oo1
  3. And with a PCI VGA card... same thing. Defective card, I suppose... RMA time. Manu1oo1
  4. I have switched the cards. RAID on upper 16x slot, and ATI in the lower. Same problem... Manu1oo1
  5. It's not a driver issue. The whole system goes sloooow when the card is connected. The boot time is eight times higher. And, of course, XP does not detect any card or disk (I have two Seagate 15K drives attached to the controller). I think that is a connection problem. I am trying to find a PCI VGA card to try to connect the RAID card to the primary PCI-E slot. Manu1oo1
  6. I just tried it... The computer have restarted, the screen was in VGA resolution (so, something is made), but start is slow yet, and the Adaptec is not recognized at all... :sad: I am thinking about selling all the stuff and forget it. :mad: Manu1oo1
  7. Hello. First of all, sorry for my poor english. I have a SCSI SAS RAID Adaptec 4805 board (PCI-Express x8). This board need to run the SLI mode activated (to make the 8x active in the second PCI-X slot). But I have no choice to do this with my board, so... the RAID card is not recognized and XP starts slooooooowly. Any clue? Thanks a lot from Spain. Manuel
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