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  1. Is it necessary for me to update my bios or install any drivers? I've tried searching the forums, but I couldn't find any matchs :/ Can't tell you the current bios-version I'm afraid, not sitting at my own pc atm. Hope this covers it all, otherwise feel free to flame me - after helping me ofc Thanks in advance, Thomas Edit: God I feel like an idiot. The rig in my signature is my brothers The real one is: DFI NF4 Infinity 1 GB 3. party ram AMD X2 4200+ (Havent installed yet) nVidia 7800GT
  2. Just tried with another CPU, which is working. Still no luck on this motherboard.. Looks like it's a RMA
  3. After plugging in the PSU, there was no change at all. Still 3 LEDs I'll try switching the GFX and try fiddling around with the RAM-sticks. Anyother suggestions before i RMA the motherboard?
  4. I've ordered this; http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=26500 Hopefully it'll do the trick! It should arrive tomorrow Will post back. http://www.antec.com/specs/SP500_spe.html Specs, if anyone should care to see
  5. Thought so. Thanks I'll go shopping for one tomorrow. Hope that solves the problem! Once again, thanks for the fast reply.
  6. Hi. I just gathered my brothers pc (see sig for specs) and after powering up 3 leds are lit constantly and the 4th are blinking once or twice pr. second. And theres nothing showing on the monitor. I've tried both sticks of ram in slot 2 & 4, one piece in slot 2, another piece in slot 2 - all to no avail. Tried clearing the CMOS - only for a few secs though. Tried disconnecting everything but RAM/CPU/GPU. All 4 power connectors are plugged in. Only think i can think of is either faulty motherboard or the PSU is too small. One thing it also could be, is that the PSU power-plug is only 20 pin (Old standard i guess?) and its a 24 pin hole on the motherboard. Should work anyways though, it does at my own system. Any tips, hints, guides and so on very much appreciated!
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