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  1. I actually fixed it thanks guys for your help. In BIOS I loaded optimized defaults and it started working so something must have been screwed up, Thanks again!
  2. Unfortunately its not possible to load raid drivers with a thumb drive. It says insert disk in a drive.
  3. The cold boot issue has nothing to do with whether or not you are running SLI. The powerstream has a problem with the expert board causing cold boot issues. The only reason I mentioned SLI is because the fact that you said you are going to run SLI in the future. And according to OCZ its not enough juice to run two 7900GTs. If you don't believe me you can ask them yourself. This is coming straight from a tech there. They sent me a gamexstream out and said that will be perfect with your system because it has a combined60A to the 12V rail. When I installed it I immediately noticed the cold boot issue was gone. I should add that the increased amperage has nothing to do with the cold boot issue. It is rather a engineering difference in the filtering of the PSU that is changed with the gamexstream that fixes the cold boot issue. Hope this helps.
  4. Not at all, LCD displays are not affected by magnet interference.
  5. i set it to boot first. also it is set in the first screen in bios as 3.5 1.44. I tried swap and test floppy settings in bios with no luck. The only reason I need the floppy to work is because my windows startup got corrupted and i can't get it past the blue bar in the windows screen. I tried doing a fixboot or chkdsk in system recovery but its not seeing my raid array correctly because I cant install the drivers for raid.
  6. I tried a different cable and putting it in both ways the other way I get the light on constant. I have used it before when I was flashing my BIOS in my vid cards. Its weird that I can't get it to work now. I even tried checking the voltage at the plug. One thing I was thinking but its probably nothin is that my PSU only has one floppy connector so I disconnected the one from the mobo but that shouldnt be needed for the floppy to work right?
  7. The reason you are having a cold boot issue is the powerstream PSU. I used to have it also but since I got the GameXstream PSU it went away. Also the powerstream is not the greatest PSU to use with two 7900GTs. All you have to do is call OCZ and tell them you are having problems running SLI with the powerstream and they should upgrade you for free to the gamexstream, atleast that's what they did for me. Running a pair of 7900GTs with the powerstream is pushing it especially with an overclocked system. When I was doing it I had some instability issues and I always noticed the air coming out of it was HOT. With the GameXstream I have no issues and it runs real cool.
  8. Hi everybody I have a problem with my comp I can not get the floppy drive to work so I can load up the raid drivers. Everything is set in the BIOS and I even have it set to test drive but that shows a floppy disk fail 80 error at startup. The light on the drive never lights up and it doesnt make any noise. Im on my third floppy drive so I know thats not the problem. Please help anybody I have been without a computer for two weeks. Thanks in advance.
  9. Your CPU temp is pretty high my friend. You might want to lower your overclock for one thing. You also have a cold boot issue which is from the 520 OCZ PSU. I had the same problem until I calle dOCZ and they sent me the GameXStream 600W. It immediately fixed the cold boot issue. If you don't feel like doing that, there is a mod you can do with a capacitor on one of the PSU to mobo wires that will fix the cold boot issue, just search the forums. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi everybody, I'm not sure what exactly happened but my computer started losing the taskbar after I would exit an application. It would be just a black spot there and if I tried to click another icon, the hourglass would come up and do nothing. So the last time it did it I rebooted by pressing reset, when it restarted it went through the process normally but just after the Windows XP logo appears with the blue bar and just before the welcome screen pops up the computer has a black screen with just my mouse and that is as far as it goes. I thought it was a bad overclock so I put everything to stock and it still did it. I tried to go into safe mode with no luck, but I did get into system recovery with the windows CD and when I tried to DIR the drive it errored like there was nothing on it. I took my old hard drive and booted up with that no problem. With the old hard drive booted i was able to go in the raid drives and see all my files, but it just wont boot up with raid. Does this sound like a corrupted raid driver or windows boot file? Thanks for your help I can probably fix it by reinstalling windows but I dread that because I have important files and a bunch of games on the RAID drives.
  11. Actually it was something dumb. The USB keyboard selection in the BIOS was disabled. LOL yeah I know
  12. Guys I have to tell you I was having a lot of problems running my system in SLI with the 520Watt OCZ Powerstream SLI. I tried everything to get it to work good and had no luck. For crap and giggles I called OCZ and talked to one of there awesome techs because I wanted to RMA the 520 and get the 600Watt. He asked me what kind of system I have and when I told him I have 2 7900GTs he was suprised my computer even turned on with the 520. So anyway he told me I need the GameXstream 600Watt and he powerswapped one right out to me it was awesome!! OCZ is the best!! And just to verify I noticed a huge increase in stability running SLI. I'm very happy now. So the moral of the story is if you are running SLI with a 520Watt Powerstream its time to upgrade because you are maxing your setup out! I noticed that the air blowing out of the GameXstream is much much cooler than the hot air that used to blow out of the Powerstream. P.S. The cold boot issue is also gone!
  13. My score with 1 7900GT at a slight over clock (550/1760) and an opty at 2.7Ghz @ 1.5V is: 3dmark05 9934 3dmark06 5623 Hope that helps
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