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    2x 1GB DDR1 Ram

  2. 2000army

    Swiftech W/C gear, Fans, Tubing

    what rev is pump?
  3. DFI Lanparty CFX3200-DR - $115.00 plus $15 shipping includes evercool chipset fan installed and old dfi fan is included as well AMD Opteron 170 ---- ccbwe 0550upmw - $185.00 plus $10 shipping G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 500 (PC 4000) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ - $220.00 plus $10 shipping Asking $500 obo plus $25 shipping for whole package within USA / cannot sell outside USA . Sorry :-( !! also have Swiftech MCW-30 brand new in box ....$30 shipped PM me for more info. ebay ID is 2000ARMY No heatware....didn't even know what that was .... I work at a Police Department in Central Connecticut and will give you the number to call me there once deal is agreed upon... Voice contact is mandatory!!! Items should be pulled out of current rig by March 10th. So if you can't wait until then I apologize.
  4. It is still on my X1950XTX. I will sell it with the X1950XTX but won't take it off cause then I have to put the fan back on the card
  5. Thanks for the heads up .... Prices are all negotiable ...I know they have dropped ... I actually have a 1950xtx FS instead of the 1900xtx
  6. Forgot all about this ... It is all seperated and boxed up ....all watercooling is sold My whole rig is available .... make reasonable offers and email me at sgt.reese at gmail.com
  7. not interested in trades at this time
  8. Opty spoken for.....cmon guys!!!
  9. Individual prices added plus price adjustment update
  10. If I get takers on all 3 items I will part out.
  11. 2000army

    disturbed's FS/WTB Thread (merged)

    depends on the hardware.....i get the error only once a week now....I can deal with that. there is no certain revision that is an ULI error free board...it is hit or miss
  12. Someone wants an awesome setup already configured!
  13. It is Oc'ed at 2.70 on 1.41v and it is on water and have not pushed it farther than that. Also mobo has upgraded Evercool VC-RE Chipset Fan installed!
  14. Looking to keep as a package.... I'm gonna give it a week or 2 before parting out. But if package does not sell..I will definately part it out. BTW, I live in Ellington, CT so if anyone wants to check out the rig it is up and running (or flying) it is pretty fast!
  15. new uli driver available? on dfi's site http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/driv..._FLAG=A&SITE=NA 9/18/06 looks like alot of new drivers...but uli looks like the beta....not sure though
  16. Ok....I see that this board has teaming and i think i found how to get into the setup...but that is about it c: > Program Files > Marvell > CPA > MRVLnetcp.cpl it brings up a window with a bunch of network stuff/can anyone figure this out?
  17. 2000army

    CFX3200 Teaming?

    I don't have any adapters / it is greyed out
  18. did you disable the start up program?