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  1. What doesn UV ON, TWEAK FUN mean?? By they way DFI ownz... Love my setup and this forum.
  2. So whats the word... None of the threads here are definiative in anyway on this one.... DFI LanpartyUT nF4 Ultra-D (BIOS 06/23/2005).... (yes i know it works on the Expert) Can someone with some credablity please let me know. Thanks in advance, Vec
  3. Ah thanks for the clearification bud. So as long as I'm sure the drive is what it is and I have it plugged it right, its safe to assume its running at 3.0gbs speeds?
  4. Hey all anyone know any good bencharking software for HDD's? When I start the comp my new WD320GB SataII drive registers as PATA 133 and I cant get it to show up anywhere that it is a SataII capable hard drive. Yes I have the Lanparty Ultra-D and yes the drive is plugged into where its supposed to be... Any thoughts? Is there something I'm missing? Thanks all, Vec
  5. Thats awesome thanks! You guys rock the house Vec
  6. haha, what is "it" though? I dont know what it looks like....
  7. Firstly what is the PWM IC? And secondly what are the safe operating temps of this device. I have the ITE SmartGaurdian installed that came with my Ultra-D and I am getting a red line warning on my PWM IC at 50.0C with STOCK cooling on running duel Prime95 Torture... Any thoughts? Just looking to learn more about this amazing mobo! Thanks, Vector
  8. Just have stock sync in for now... I got an KINGWIN Aquastar AS-3000 system im priming as we speak. I’m hoping to be able to push it to 2.6-2.7 with that on and maintain a decent temp.
  9. Great tonight I'll go ahead and start the process. Gotta prime the water sys and then take it nice and slow as per the guides instructions. Ill be sure to post my prime95 runs and 3dmark benches. Thanks, Vec
  10. How well does the A64 guide apply to overclocking this cpu? Is there anything I should be aware of specifically? Suggestions appreciated! Thanks Guys! Glad to finally be part of the crew (couldnt afford it)
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