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  1. I cant wait for this game to come out for Xbox 360. Im kinda disapointed there is no online but I have neighbors to do co-op with.
  2. Thats my plan, my next major upgrade will be to quad core.
  3. The Sunbeam kit has a couple extra tools that might come in hand.
  4. I bought that Sunbeam kit thinking that it would make sleeving my PSU easy, but it didnt. I ended up bending a couple of the tools and decided to not sleeve my PSU. If you have patience then the Sunbeam kit should work good, I just got frusterated and then bent one of the tools and got even more mad and just stopped.
  5. I wish they had something like this that would allow me to plug in my pc headset so I dont have to use the Xbox mic.
  6. Gamestop says April 3rd the release on 360 which I hope is right, me and my neighbors are looking forward to this game. Do you think once it has been out for a while that they will have downloadable songs through the Xbox marketplace?
  7. I removed the IHS on my 165 and recieved a 8-10C drop in load temps. My idle temps where roughly the same but load temps came down alot.

    Got Wii?

    Ive been thinking of getting a Wii recently. I saw that Wii bowling and other sports games and looks fun just to play around. When I want awesome graphics Ill use my 360 or PC.
  9. Cant wait for the pics, I need to get another job so I can buy my watercooling parts.
  10. All my cable are tied up and are neatly organized. I have 3 120mm fans in my case. One as a intake and two as exhaust fans, one being on the rear and one on the top or the case. My heatsink exhausts right into the exhaust fan on the top of my case. Im just curious if maybe the IHS isnt making the contact with cores like it should be and if removing the IHS would be a good idea.
  11. My ambient temp ranges from around 20-23C
  12. Yea I have good air flow in my case. I know that a overclocked cpu even without a voltage increase will increase heat but that much heat? I didnt think that I would see temps of around 50C until I upped the vcore but I guess dual cores but out more heat than I assumed.
  13. I knew going from my 3700+ to a 165 that temps would increase but I didnt expect them to be as high as they are. With my XP-120 at stock voltage of 1.35V my 165 would hit around 54C under full load. So I tried reseating my heatsink and lapping my XP-120 and temps still got into the low 50's. So I ordered a Tuniq Tower as I heard it was one of the best air coolers out there right now. The good thing is the Tuniq lowered my temps but still creep up to around 48C. Do you guys think I should take the IHS off? I plan to go watercooling once I get my tax money back but that isn't going to happen for a little while. I just want to be able to overclock this cpu some more but with the temps the way they are I havent been able to up the vcore at all. Thankfully Ive got 2.8GHz stable on stock voltage.
  14. I dont think that will fit in my case
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