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  1. ok , Ill check. But i know when I had one x1900xt alone the game would play in Ultra Quality it just played crappy
  2. I want to know why Quake 4 crashes when I install the patch version 1.3 . It only crashes when i play it in ultra quality but thats the setting i want to play it on. I have a crossfire system why can't I ?
  3. i had a sig LOL. i think it said that because the sig was over 50kbs.. unless theres some other reason i dont know of
  4. Hi, Does the dual core driver and service pack 2 actualy help informance for amd X2 processors? ive built serveral dual core systems and for some reason I see a performance drop in systems that have the dual core driver installed with service pack 2. Right now Im running my system with service pack 1 and with the Dual Core optimizer. And everything runs pretty good. Only problem is that Quake 4 crashes on me when I try to run it in Ultra Quality with the latest patch installed.
  5. I actualy have that same problem.. I just realy haven't complained about it much.. sometimes when I change a setting in bios or restart my computer from windows the mobo will not post. When I look at the POST leds on the board it always gets to the second to last led and then it just freezes. But, once I press the reset button it POST like it never had the problem in the first place. I thought it could probably be because i was overclocking, but I ran it at stock speeds and it did the same thing. Its annoying but i got used to it. And as for the temps, they are similar to my temps also. I made sure that the air flow is perfect in my case so I know that isn't the problem. I think that the heatsink/ fan just sucks on the chipset. Then again, im overclocking alot.
  6. I get that much, but im trying to figure out why the enermax liberty 620 isnt good for crossfire? I have read a few times on these boards that the enermax liberty 620w psu wasnt good for crossfire and overclocking. I do all that with my psu now.. im just not sure that im getting the performance i should be getting with it. Thats why im lookin at the enermax liberty 620 psu because it looks like its well rounded and definately better then the psu that i have now. Or mabye im just realy confused?
  7. the enermax liberty looks to be realy good but how come everyone says that it sucks. When i look at psu's i look at the rails more then i do watts usualy there is already enough amps going to the 3.3 and 5 volt rails.... nowadays im more worried about the amps going to the my video cards. And right now the liberty had 22 amps going to both 12volt connectors.. and i dont need to power much other then 2 harddrives and some usb stuff. So again i ask, why does everyone say the enermax liber 620 sucks?
  8. i think im probably getting lower performance more because of my cpu and my ram. When i look at everyone elses set up they have overclocking ram or a dual core cpu.. I think my psu is fine for right now because lookin at cadaveca's setup, i wouldnt think that the thermaltake purepower 680w would get both x1900's enough power. It only gives 15 amps on the 12v rails as apossed to the 18 amps mine gives. Even though its 680 watts the amps seems to be going to all the wrong places. Either way i would at least think that i would get a big performance increase after buying another 500 video card. Hopefully crossfire will get fixed soon in drivers. Its annoying when i get low frame rates in games that should run perfectly like call of duty 2, or titan quest.
  9. OK.. mabye im a dumbass but. Im looking at psus and I dont even see any psu with those specifications that they wanted for crossfire.. So mabye im lookin at the wrong thing.. i need help lol...... edit: do they mean 38 amps across all the 12 volt rails added together?
  10. Hey guys, thanks for letting me know about my powersupply. I just realized that ati has recommended the wrong product to me!! I have the first powersupply on this list http://www.ati.com/technology/crossfire/buildyourown2.html. The antec NeoHE 550. The rails for this psu is : [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] But I recently looked at the exact requirements for a x1900xt by itself! and this is what it said: System Requirements -PCI Express® based PC is required with one x16 lane graphics slot available on the motherboard. An additional adjacent slot is needed for fan port -Connection to the system power supply is required -450-Watt power supply or greater, 30 Amps on 12 volt rail recommended (assumes fully loaded system) -For CrossFire™: 550 watt power supply or greater, 38 Amps on 12 volt rail -512MB of system memory -Installation software requires CD-ROM drive -DVD playback requires DVD drive and decoder software (not included) -Power supply must support 6-pin PCI Express® connector (CrossFire™ requires 2 x 6 pin PCI Express connector) This upsets me because my powersupply has 18amps on 12v rails.. Though I am able to run crossfire and a single card setup. I think this might explain why im having such a time with performance in games. I didnt think the powersupply effected performance in that way. I only thought that it effected stability. So, my question is when I purchase my new psu will i get better formance with my video cards now or will I just get better stability?
  11. well my psu is on the recommended list .. how come everyone is telling me i need a new psu? like i said before I understand how psu's work for the most part and looking the specs of the rails of the the antec neohe, and actualy testing it for myself, it seems like the amps is going to all the right places and steadily for a 550 psu i think its more than well rounded. Im still going to buy a new psu but most of the psus out that clam to be 600 watts or over do not have solid rails and have alot of problems. though i do admit the ocz gx 700 watt psu that happy_games is using looks to be pretty good.
  12. You dont need the latest bios I dont think. Its just preferable that you have them. But reguardess of what chipset it is and what speed each pci-e slot runs at its still a crossfire motherboard and any pci-e crossfire ready card and any crossfire edition card of the same series should be able to run in crossfire mode on any crossfire motherboard. Thats my understanding of it. If you want proof look at some of the original benchmarks and reviews of x1900xts in crossfire they were mostly done with the asus ar-mvp mobo which is worse then the dfi rdx200 ( I know I had one lol..) but has pretty much all the same features as the rdx200 in that it only allows 16x bandwith for both slots .
  13. WOW thanx for replying. I feel much better now that someone else is saying that crossfire is kinda sucking right now.. exept for only a few games that I already beat and dont feel like playing right now. I got this powersupply because it was recommended on the ati site.. plus im a cheap butt mofo.. and I go to a 4 year college and i only have like 100 bucks to spend on a freakin powersupply.. It took me forever to save up for this system. But yeah i guess i better start saving again so i can get a better psu. Is there any PSUs anyone can recommend.. I see a wide rage of powersupplies used on this forum.. and im kinda confused as to what powersupplies to look for. I was just lookin for the ones that was recommend by ati for crossfire. And i was also lookin at railings and the neo HE i think had pretty good railings across the board.. actualy that was a mistake.. my htt/ldt is at 3x. fsb is at 295 now and my ram speed is actual 333 mhz but the actual setting in the bios is 166mhz. Thats my dumbass mistake sorry.
  14. please someone help lol... this is getting rediculous. I installed call of duty 2 and that game even plays like crap.. But when i disabled crossfire it plays good. I tryed changing the link width to x8 for both cards too and nothing seems to have changed
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