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  1. no budget yet for a third party HSF.just would like to know if it is ok to use arctic silver 5 on the opty 146 stock HSF.im just concerned if the thickness of the thermal pad on the stock HSF would have something to do with the contact between the heat spreader and the HSF.thanks.
  2. thanks a lot for all the replies. i was so relieved the mobo cpu socket clicking sound.
  3. socket am2 processors are now already here in japan.no idea how it performs though. variants available are 3200+, 3500+, 3800+ both have 128kb L2 cache except 3800+ which has 512kb L2 cache.selling formally now as boxed.only available mobo at the moment is biostar.anybody knew this already.
  4. thanks a lot man.i just hope that the pins are solidly intact to its base.one more thing though my temps are cooler at OC setting than at stock settings.running a 5/6 divider and LDT multiplier on auto: 1120mhz HTT.at OC speed settings cpu idles at 36-38C loads at 47-50C. at stock speed settings cpu idles at 38-40C and loads at 50-55C.probably gonna be replacing the stock HSF with Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro.
  5. i did something wrong with the removal of stock HSF. i was not aware that there was a removal guide on amd but it was already late.i unclip the HSF locks with care, my mistake was i did not loosen the screws on the plastic bracket as instructed in the video, therefore i was not able to twist the HSF to loosen its grip on the CPU.I pull the HSF upward with force to remove but it was too late when i remember that the CPU was locked on the socket. The CPU was attached to the bottom of the HSF and 2-3 rows of pins are bent.i straighten the pins with a screw driver (chrome plated non conductive) and immediately install the CPU too see if it was damaged.Lucky for me it works great as before even without reseting the cmos and running still running at 2.7ghz. only did it to see if it would post. my problem now is when the time i pull up the socket lever, and before it reaches the fully-open position there seems to be a clicking sound. i want to know if this is just normal or there seems to a damage on the cpu socket that in the long run of setting in and out of the cpu that there would be a time that it would not post antmore. i've already tested it twice after the incident and it seems to be working fine.i have never did it befor of setting in the CPU and pulling it out since my first build so i am not sure if the clicking sound is normal or not.thanks for anyone that can lighten me up on this cause i am really concerned about the CPU and mobo. A_G and RGone please clarify my doubts about the mobo. thanks
  6. i got the opty 146 (CACJE) now. Put a signature together before posting again! - soundx98
  7. which one to go? an opteron 144 with nf4 ULTRA-D or athlon64 3200+ with nf4 ULTRA-D. thanks
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