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  1. Hi, I've been over the board with a fine tooth comb front & back. I couldnt see any burn marks/blow caps anywhere... Totally baffeled on this one. I've been through a lot of mobos & seen all kinds of weird & whackey stuff happen. However it looks like this one is going to get the better of me C-BuZz
  2. G'day, I have 1 x Opteron 146 cpu running at stock speed with HSF installed, 1 x 4mb S3 Trio PCI video card, & 1 x stick of ram in the motherboard. I've just tested all power supplies on a separate system with a lot more perephials than I am currently using & they are all fine. No way it's overloaded. Thanks for the tips C-BuZz
  3. Hi, Tried that last night. Did nothing just as I suspected I've come to the conclusion it's shorting out on somthing. Because if I dont have the 4pin P4 connector plugged into the motherboard it powers up & I get 4 red leds which stay on. If I plug the P4 connector into the motherboard & try to power up I get the symptoms listed above. Power on for millisecond then it automatically powers itself off with a very faint "click" which I have now narrowed down to the power supply. I've tried 4 different power supplies & I hear the same "click" with each one (all power supplies have been tested 100% fine on different machine). Must be some internal overload protection in the power supply kicking in to ensure the psu doesnt fry or somthing. Thx for your help C-BuZz
  4. 25A on 12v rail. It's been fine for more than a year. I used this psu on my old Ultra-D without any issues whatsoever, & i've already been using it for about 3 months with this mobo. Where do I get a bios chip from? It's worth a shot I suppose if it's cheap enough. Thanks C-BuZz
  5. Just out of couriosity, does the motherboard actually boot up with NO perephials plugged into it at all? I mean without CPU/Ram plugged into it? I think i've tried this before on my old ultra-d & the motherboard actually turned on & powered up? I just tried this with my DR & its doing exactly the same thing. Turn on for millisecond then switch itself off... What do you mean? Heya mate, seems a lot's of OCAU members here Have tried diff ram/cpu, havent tried bios chip though. Yes the system is sitting on a wooden bench so there's no shorting there. Definately no condensation heh. I've got the HSF on atm. havent tried that, i'll give it a sho :thumbup: It has been done. All componenets have been tested individually. So its down to the motherboard. Yes I overclock, 3.2Ghz 24/7, 3.5Ghz for benching Temps are usually in the negatives as I phase change. When I plug the psu into the mobo I get 1 amber light near the 4 red leds. When I hit the power on button on the mobo it powers on then switches itself off. When it switches itself off both amber lights are on. Near ram & near the 4 red leds.. Thanks to all the replies so far. But I think its almost time to put the old girl in her grave. I thought someone may have experienced an issue like this, but I have done quite a few searches & I couldnt find anyone with this exact issue Thanks again all C-BuZz
  6. heya dude yeah I tried pulling the battery for half an hour. I've noticed that when I power on, it powers on for like 1/5th of a second then I hear a small "click" then it swithes itself off. The yellow light near the 4 red led's & the yellow light near the ram stays on after that. Got me baffeled. Mine doesnt even power on, well it does for like a millisecond then I hear a very faint "click" then it powers off again. C-BuZz
  7. Hi, Been using my SLI-DR for the last 3 months & it's been great. Today I went to power on & she is dead as a doornail. I completely stripped the system down to the bare minimum, Vid/1 stick of ram/ cpu. Now when I hit the power on button it powers up for a brief second then switches itself off. If I pull the P4 connector out & hit the power button she powers up, but I get 4 red led's but doesnt boot. When I plug the P4 connector in it powers up for a brief second, all 4 leds come on then it switches itself off. Almost like it is shorting out on somthing?? I've tried 4 different power supplies but still no joy Any help much appreciated. Thanks C-BuZz