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  1. JTS-0006 and it's now called the ForceTake. Performance pcs have got em in stock at the moment, i'm already in for an order, hopefully it gets here by Tuesday, and I'll have it all installed after a good cleaning of the case. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ind...roducts_id=4638 It's a little bit cheaper than the old model too -Chris
  2. anyone find any other stores with these guys in stock?
  3. i've been using xp64 since summer 2005, so almost a year. it was a PITA to get drivers for originally but the ball has been rolling and support is much better now.
  4. i updated to the 4/06 bios on my nf4 ultra-d and it stopped posting and showed 3 led's. i called them up and they're shipping me a new bios chip.
  5. anyone know of any other places that might have this thing in stock?
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