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  1. I tried messing with MUX and it seems to help in terms of lowering the volume of the background noises but the basic problem persists. It even happens in windows, without using ventrilo. For instance, if I drop my mic on my desk and I have the volume turned up on my desktop speakers, I can hear the sound of the mic tapping through the speakers. Seems like a bad ground in the Karajan module but I am not sure how I can test that without doing an RMA, if I can even RMA for that.
  2. I am definitely experiencing it in ventrilo but also in other programs and even when my computer is idle. For instance, if I have it in 4 channel mode with headphones plugged into the front channel and my desktop speakers plugged into the rear, any sound picked up by the mic will be played through my speakers. Thanks for the response What is the "mux" setting you're referring to? Is it a windows setting? I've never heard of it before.
  3. Hey Everybody, I searched for this topic but I couldn't find anything on it. It seems that there is some kind of grounding issue in my soundcard. Everything that my mic picks up is broadcast over my speakers and everything that comes out of my speakers seems to output through my mic to the people I am talking with. It's not an issue of the sound module grounding to the mobo because the little plastic holder seems to prevent that, and I checked and rechecked the connection and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. Has anyone had a similar issue with this module? What are my options if indeed it is an issue with the soundcard? Can you RMA for this? Not that I am excited about waiting for all of that, especially in the midst of a CAL season, this being my gaming machine. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Most of the hard-lock problems I have had in the past (have not had any with this board) were memory-related. Have you run memtest or any other memory diagnostics programs? I would start there and see what you get. Also make sure that you memory is auto-detecting properly. You might have to set the timings manually depending on how it is recognized by the board. CPU-Z is a good program to use to check these settings. I wouldn't start playing with voltages until you have ruled out faulty hardware. Also make sure you have the latest drivers for all of your hardware.
  5. You can say that as much as you want, but if the links you provide don't back up your argument then I am going to call you out on it. If there is something I am missing please tell me because I would like to take your argument seriously, but when you post a link to pictures of Carbon Monoxide levels in the atmosphere and then claim that it shows that Lightning Induced forest fires create more Carbon Dioxide than all of mankind's activities since the industrial revolution I expect there to be some kind statement in there that actually supports what you're saying. When I actually read what the authors of that site were saying it actually seemed to run counter to your argument. Those maps were showing the dispersal of Carbon Monoxide from man made fires in South America and Northwestern Asia, in addition to Industrial use of fossil fuels. I'm just asking you to clarify your argument based on that link because it doesn't make any sense to me after reading the information contained therein. Either you expect me to just look at the pictures and believe what you're saying or there is something between the lines that you need to clarify. Entertain me with a response, I am very interested in hearing what you base your argument on.
  6. Yeah I don't know where you guys are coming up with these statements that it takes a long time to set up xp64. I was up and running in under 40 minutes. Sure there were some uninstalled devices but most of that was straightened out right away and there were no stability issues. IMO it's very fast, very stable and works great with both 64bit and 32bit apps. I can't see any reason not to use it if you are building a new machine with a 64bit processor and you need to buy a new copy of windows. If you already have a machine running well on xp32 then the argument for upgrading is not as strong. 64bit support is only going to increase and vista is still a long way off. So there you have my opinion.
  7. But you didn't quote any levels you just said "down to current U.S. levels." I'm not discounting what you're saying but if I you want me to believe you then you're going to have to provide something substantive to chew on, some actual numbers. Also I don't see how the page you posted from the agu shows that forest fires produce more CO2 than all of mankind's activity since the industrial revolution. First off, the maps are measuring CO not CO2. In addition, the maps pertain to one week in September 2002 and the same website states that: World-wide, approximately 50% of CO emissions derive from anthropogenic sources with the remainder coming from biomass burning and oxidation of naturally occurring volatile hydrocarbons It also states that the areas of high CO concentration: illustrate the widespread human application of fire for land-clearing during the Southern Hemispheric dry season So here again we are dealing with human activity, not lightning induced forest fires and again, I don't see where the support for your argument derives from. And again: The dearth of MODIS fire counts over southeast Asia suggests the CO plume stretching from there to the east across the Pacific Ocean originates from industrial and domestic biofuel sources. So what exactly are you arguing with these pictures?
  8. Opty 165 can usually hit 2.6 ghz, but it's not guaranteed. Buying something with a minimum OC in mind can be risky, especially when that is 800mhz over stock rating. That said, mine is stable at 2.6 at low volts. If I weren't such a pansy about voltage I could go considerably higher. Also, once you get into the higher speeds you start to notice the difference between 512mb and 1gb of L2 Cache. I say go Opteron!
  9. also, 2 instances of Prime is easy 1. create a shortcut to it on your desktop 2. Right click the shortcut and enter "properties" 3. in the box marked Target add "-A1" to the end of whats in there, make sure you add it outside the quotation marks otherwise it won't work. 4. then create another shortcut just like you did before and add "-A2" to the new one and give it a different name (like Prime95 2 or whatever) 5. once you have the two shorcuts you can set the affinity to CPU0 and CPU1 respectively.
  10. Are you manually setting all of your ram settings? I found that my board didn't want to do anything above 270-275 with anything in the DRAM Configuration set to auto. Once I went through and set everything according to the ram guide I was able to get up to a Prime-stable 2.6 ghz with my ram running at 3-4-4-8 1T @237mhz (and mine is ddr400).
  11. How can they go down to current U.S. levels when the U.S. is currently the worlds largest emitter of CO2?
  12. I agree, a sense of humor is what keeps us going. I like to argue and debate, and without people who disagree with me that is kind of difficult
  13. Explain to me how the countries of the EU, Japan and other industrialized capitalist, democratic countries classify as a communist countries. If the Kyoto Protocol is really as biased as you think it is, then why on earth would these countries sign something aimed at "punishing" them? Surely you're not arguing that they are masochistic? I'm not arguing that the KP is not flawed and in need of some revision and I read all of the stuff on Wikipedia and I still don't see anything that backs these statements of it being a tool used to oppress capitalism. The section on developing countries clearly states that as these economies reach certain levels of sophistication the countries will be required to meet the standards of the protocol. Up until that point the CDM policies will guide the development of those countries to ensure that they pursue commitments to cleaner sources of energy and more eco-friendly policies as part of their development process. That way we don't have to do all of this all over again. Environmentalists take a lot of flak when they phrase their arguments in terms of imminent perceptible climate change. This kind of stuff occurs gradually and saying that certain things will happen at a certain year dooms their movement to failure because when that prediction is inaccurate (as climate predictions so often are) people seize upon that as evidence that nothing is happening. The point is that whatever research is being analyzed is going to be biased in one way or another. People inject their bias into everything they do and that includes analyizing data sets. So take everything with a grain of salt, but the point is not the magnitude at which human activity contributes to global warming but the fact that it does. Whether you agree with the Kyoto Protocol as it currently stands or not, the important point is that we must do something. The earth is huge and can absorb massive amounts of abuse from us, from volcanoes, fires and anything else. But there are systems at work that are very fragile and a change of 2-3 degrees can be the difference between triggering an ice-age and preserving our current condition. I agree that we cannot fully understand the impact of human society on the earth's climate, but do we can say without a doubt that what we do has some impact.
  14. Can you back any of this up? I think a more accurate description is that the Kyoto Accord is most restrictive on the emissions of greenhouse gasses from developed nations. Not coincidentally most of the developed nations are capitalist. Japan is the world's second largest economy and was one of the first to ratify the accord. The EU is also strongly supportive of the pact, do you allege that they are also part of this conspiracy? China (and the rest of the developing world) is subject to different types of restrictions so as not to burden the developing economy. This is implemented through Article 12 of the Accord and known as the "Clean Development Mechanism" or CDM http://cdm.unfccc.int/. To say that China and the rest of the developing world is subject to no restrictions is somewhat misleading not to mention that the idea of loosening the restrictions on these countries is in the spirit of capitalism and free enterprise not some over-arching communist conspiracy as you allege.
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