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  1. Yea. You should also consider that. If you decide to do anymore modifications to your system, you wont have to buy another PSU if you already have a heavy duty one.
  2. Planning to get a new rig sometime this summer. Since there are so many 775 MOBOs out there, I was just wondering which one would be the "best." This is the chip I'm planning to strap on the mobo: http://www2.newegg.com/OldVersion/app/View...-116-201&depa=0 Motherboard preferably no higher than i925x with PCI express. Not planning to do any OCing. thanks
  3. I've checked everything and it was all well configured. I've decided to return the combo and jump on the deal at Newegg.com. The Soyo motherboard with the ati 9100 onboard video and audio, FREE after rebates. I can purchase a similar or even a better chip for a better price! Thanks for your help though, Aaron
  4. Ok, so I bought a mobo and cpu combo at Fry's Electronics on Sunday. Abit SG-72 with onboard everything and Intel Celeron D 2.53ghz for $109.99. I finished assembling it, so I stuck in a used but in good condition 256mb PC2700 Kingston DDR Ram. I plugged in my 80GB WD Hard drive and started the sucker up! The fan cpu fans spin and all, but there's one problem. None of the drives have power. The first thing came that came to my mind was the power supply because of the generic case. So i swapped my antec 350W, and booted again. Same results. What's shown in the monitor is nothing but the brand Phoneix Bios, and the fact that the computer was able to detect CPU and Ram. I hit DEL for Bios, but nothing came up. So what's the problem? I have a 15 day return policy and promised my uncle I will have his new toy finished by Veterans Day... Here's the mobo: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-127-172&depa=1 Thanks, Aaron
  5. 95 mph with my mom sitting next to me and with her 2004 Toyota Camry LE (4 cylinders). Have my license but uninsured....
  6. Specs: Intel P3 300mhz (w/some old Asus board) 256mb Sdram Maxtor 20 GB HD Windows 2000 Pro Geforce 2 MX400(?) Sony DVD-rom Sony 12x DVD-RW Case is Pentium 4 O.K. We popped in Finding Nemo and the whole system completely froze. Maybe I should just increase to 512 mb and upgrade to a bigger and faster hard drive so the buffer rate would be higher... Thanks for the input.
  7. Alright, I need to upgrade my auntie's P3 to a P4. She mainly uses her computer to do taxes, pay bills, surf the net, burn cds/dvds, etc. No gaming, or anything that will need a fast fast rig. I'm thinking a P4 2.4 HT or maybe even something with less power. Her budget is under $200, but all we need is a decent mobo (prefer Abit, Asus, or Soyo), and a CPU. She want's to use her old case, and stick with the old stuff. These are some of the stuff I've checked out: Mobo: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-139-126&depa=0 http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-127-156&depa=0 CPU: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-116-141&depa=0 Thanks
  8. Fresh?! Haha. When is McDonalds ever fresh? Patties come cut into shape and rock solid frozen right out of the McDonald's 18-wheeler truck. Read the book "Fast Food Nation" McDonalds is alright when you're about to die of hunger and you're broke and is too lazy to sit down and eat at a nice restaurant. The best fast food joint would be In n Out!
  9. Yup! I just need a phone that is clear durable, and well, sort of good lookin'. Besides, phone camera's aren't even so great anyway.
  10. I have a v60i and it has been giving me a hard time. Antenna broke, screen fails to turn on at times, cracks at each side of the hinges, and bad reception. Go with nokia or samsung. I had a Samsung r225m, and it was a great phone. bright screen, awesome reception, and durable. My first phone was a Nokia 3360. Very durable and has good reception.
  11. Ouch! Check out this Hemi. Traffic was not moving at all, so I snapped a photo.
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