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  1. I've decided to rma my ram. g.skill tech agreed that its a possibility, so i'm getting a new 2 gig kit. even if its not the ram, the kit they'll send me is identical in speed and timings, just needs a little more voltage.
  2. video card don't make orthos freeze... ram is in orange slots, timings are identical to what maddias has in his sig.
  3. bios is 7/28, pci-e settings are all stock except i set it to 130w powe limit, and 10% overvoltage to the pci-e slot, and pci-e cl and clock gating are both enabled. these settings have not made any difference on stability though. connector is in, and the sound card is in the third pci slot from the bottom. it was in the second one before, but I tried the third and it made no difference with the crashing, so i kept it there.
  4. i don't think its the sound card, because that wouldn't really explain the video corruption on windows startup (my video card has never artifacted in a game), and also one thing i forgot to mention is that the board has serious issues with a hard reset (cold boot is absolutely fine), and sometimes it freezes after the raid bios loading screen (it never goes to the verifying dmi pool page), but its not a total lockup as the there is a tab that keeps blinking. i've reset and reflashed the bios countless times, and i use the proper procedure to clear bios like using killcmos and then removing the battery in addition to the jumper. its nuts...
  5. Sig is old, I have a thermaltake 750w powering it now (I certainly won't have to update that any time soon) the ram will pass memtest all day long, but memtest is ancient and really does not stress ram the same way as modern apps do. I guess the thing is though that wcg/orthos, at least the small ffts, are not really ram intensive... this is just such an odd problem. wait a second, you're literally the first person that I have seen with my ram and board. i checked out your bios settings, and they're nearly identical to mine... only difference i see is that you run a slightly more agressive read preamble and my drive strength is level 4 while yours is 8. this board is evil...
  6. I have had these hard lock crashes ever since i got the board, over a year ago. I could go hours without freezing, but when it does, the frequency of it repeating increases unless I wait a while before running anything intensive again (wcg, gaming, orthos). Its not the cpu, as it does this when there's no overclock. also, over the course of the lifetime of this system, the max oc of the video ram has decreased to stock or barely over from close to 680. Also I would get heavy artifacting starting from the windows bootscreen before I reset the cmos. All of these factors signal to me, that there is either a problem with the motherboard or the ram which reportedly has issues with running on this board (infineon ce5) Now, I'm about to rma the ram within the next few days for a non-infineon set, but I just want to know if everyone agrees with my reasoning here and if its not more likely to be the board (in which case i'm screwed and have to buy a new pc as i'm not buying a new mobo for s939)
  7. thats odd... a board with so many options, and it doesn't have such an elementary adjustment option. i wanted to test a theory I heard that increasing pci-e speed helps stabilize an oc. it didn't make much sense, but i wanted proof either way.
  8. I thought this board supported adjusting the pci-e clockspeed, but i have looked everywhere in the bios, and i see no setting to change it?
  9. i have ce-6 chips, from gskill, they work, although you have to spend a while to get them stable.
  10. this board aint exactly the one you should learn to oc on, just a word of caution.
  11. ff is not an error code, thats a succesful post. something is flaky, its probably not memory since you tried 3 sets. try a different video card, psu, and try setting up the thing outside the case on a static free surface, as its possible the board is shorting out on the case.
  12. my board is just really killing me with the tref. it used to be perfectly stable before, at 3120, but now it just goes insane whenever i put it to 3120, even at stock cpu freq and 200 for the ram. i also tried 1560, that didnt work either. the only other value i tried is auto, and that is stable, but im getting about half of the bandwidth i should be getting from ram at ddr500. instead of around 6GB/s, im getting 3. my ram is in my sig, not common at all, but it uses ce-5/6, so i just follow the timings given for the ocz p4000eb, cause those use ce-5s as well. any recommendations on why the tref isnt playing nicely?
  13. i think that this problem is actually related to windows xp. when i had xp pro x64 or vista as my os, it never did this, but as soon as i started using xp again, they resumed as strong as ever.
  14. the funny thing is though, the sil is not the slower controller at all.. my sata 2 drive is considerably faster in the sil than the uli back when it was still half-assedly functioning. now, the controller seems to be just completely dead. it doesnt even freeze anymore, it just restarts. i have been pretty luckyy with the oc department i guess, i got my opty 170 to 2.8ghz stable, and its not that good of a stepping. if i was to take an educated guess at what is causing all this crap, i would say its the bios. i swear, at one point, someone will report that changing some arbitrary value that doesnt even relate to the controller will fix the issue. i mean, has anyone noticed that the board wont boot off the silicon controller with lan 2 enabled? i mean, just wtf...
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