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  1. You may want to chage your cpu voltages. running low vcore with start up voltage can fry your CPU!
  2. It be nice to have a heatpipe on the board instead of fans. Thats the only good thing about the Asus boards. :tooth:
  3. Should be able to as long as the two kits are the same Brand and type. You'll have to run them at T2 though.
  4. I bet it will pass at 3 GHZ with 1.55vcore. That what my 3700 takes to pass at 3GHZ.
  5. Ya you can use 4000. But try to stay away from the corsair or kingston. Corsair seem to be hit or miss with DFI boards. But then again I have had no problems with my Corsair 4000 PT. Oh and dont go half**s on the power supply!
  6. 260 or DDR 520 is as high as mine will go. From wht I've read with those stick if you can get 270 or ddr 540 your lucky. Their not that great of over clockers.My timings are in sig every thing else is in auto. Volts is acually 2.8
  7. Well in ur case I'll bet its that A8N-SLI premium holding u back from 3GHZ. I have a A8N32-SLI and it wont do 3ghz ethier. But my expert will! At 1.55 Vcore 300x10. The A8n32-SLI makes a great paper weight though!
  8. Make sure in sound options on game that you select hardware not software. It stop my crashing.
  9. 2.9 is damn good for a 3500. I had one and it was a P.O.S. wouldnt do over 2.5 no matter what.
  10. I can run at 260x11 at 1.45 vcore with 3700 and expert. I have the NF4ED406 bios right now. I can get it to boot at 270x11 but its not stable and Im too lazy to try and get it stable there. Maybe your processor is a weak one.
  11. I had same prolem and when I changed cases it went away.
  12. 3700+ SD 2800+ @ 1.45V Best processor I have ever owned. :drool:
  13. I have no problems running Sli in any games. As for BF2 have you guys tried changing your sound option in game consel to hardware instead of software. Thats what was causing my crashes. I have ran sli on the expert, Asus A8n-sli, A8N-SLI preium , And A8N32-Sli. Man is the A8N32-Sli one buggy POS.
  14. Hey guys just want to mention that if you turn off this board by turning off power supply or unpluging it your suppose to wait 15seconds before turning power supply back on or you could damage something. When I got my board there was a revision page in the box that stated this. This could be whats killing some peoples boards. Never seen this mentioned on this site so I thought Id mention it.
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